On the Front gives a voice to those trying to better prevent disasters

On the Front gives a voice to those trying to better prevent disasters

This new issue, which is broadcast on Monday at 9 pm on France 5, exposes the flaws in weather forecasts and focuses on homes built in flood zones.

In October 2020, Storm Alex swept through the Vesopie and Roya (Maritime Alps) valleys. A shock to the region that was hit by a storm again on October 20. This region of France is not the only one affected by this type of inundation. Storms, thunderstorms, heavy rains and Mediterranean events constitute the most dangerous natural hazards, according to Meteo France. It is intensifying due to climate change and It requires rethinking city planning, as stated in the program “Storms and Floods: Are We Prepared?”, which was broadcast on Monday. November 6 At 9pm on France 5.

This new issue of “On the forehead”, Introduction by Hugo Kleiman also exposes the flaws in our weather forecasts. It also focuses on homes built in flood-prone areas, and lists new technologies and initiatives by scientists, activists, and architects working to reduce the impact of disasters.

Rethink the environment

Eric Daniel Lacombe is one of those frontline professionals. “In 2007, I won Architectural competition, here in Romorantin (Loire-et-Cher), The architect testifies in the documentary. “No one told me that the area was vulnerable to flooding.” Once he learned about it, he completely rethought his initial project and considered that the overall environment of the area needed rehabilitation.

“The houses are built on stilts, based on the expected rise of the water. Everything is parallel: the streets, the buildings (…) There is no obstacle in the river’s path.”

Eric Daniel Lacombe, architect

In the documentary “Storms and Floods: Are We Prepared?”

A few years later, in 2016, the town of Romorantin experienced the worst flood in its history. The Matra district designed by Eric Daniel Lacombe is resisting, as one resident attests. “I’ve been living here since 2013, I had a flood experience that amazed me, but the water didn’t enter the building at all, I think it was very good.” “I studied,” you think. This project changes the architect’s life and his concept of his profession. This teacher at the National School of Architecture in Paris La Villette becomes a specialist in construction in the flood zone.

In 2022, he was commissioned by the state to rebuild the devastated Visubi Valley. If his expertise is praised today, he is disturbed to see that the buildings are still under construction “Everywhere” In France in riverbeds. “What prevents me from sleeping is that I cannot start prevention before disasters happen.” get angry.

“Storms and floods: Are we prepared?” It will be broadcast on the “Sur le front” program on Monday, November 6 At 9pm on France 5.

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