Deliberate and thoughtful design— and how that contributes to emotional well-being — is at the heart of what Sarah Solis brings to the project. As founder and director of her namesake design studio in Los Angeles, Sarah fuses beautiful design with the kind of thoughtful thinking needed to give a client the life they want at home.

We love talking to designers of all kinds, and Sarah’s focus on embracing imperfection and building spaces that are calm, airy, sensual, and artistic is rightfully ours…

Living Well with designer Sarah Solis

My three favorite elements in a well-designed room: Unique Lighting – I’m always inspired by unique lighting fixtures; Hardware – home jewelry. It is character and an element of subtle detail, but also an essential element of the space experience. I’ve always been a fan of plumbing fixtures that look like great jewelry; Natural Materials – Honoring natural materials through my “Earth” palette – natural textiles and recycled and reused materials – is an integral part of my design philosophy that brings life and movement to a space.

My signature touch is… Create unique and bold moments.

Favorite design trend right now: Love the exposed beams – while retaining some of the home’s original details and architecture, or bring in gorgeous reclaimed wood to create this modern and lived-in feel.

The direction you are ready to see: Millions of pillows. Steer clear of using too many pillows and layering accessories that create unwanted visual clutter. Even just a unique but bold lumbar pillow on the bed creates a more subtle, relaxing, and calming space.

The biggest decorating mistake most people make: Believing that everything they love will work together.

The design rule you love to break: Mixed minerals!
For you, what does good design have to do with health? Great design is essential and inspiring. Space planning can influence your mental flow and strike a great balance between form and function.

Favorite green or eco design tips: Use natural materials and avoid synthetics.

Preferred naturals: linen – a classic and comfortable design element; Cashmere – Totally comfortable and simple. The material is as soft to the eye as it is to the touch; Mohair – Its rich proportions create softness and warmth, with a hint of luxury.

Tips for creating an intentional space… For me, creating intentional moments means capturing the authenticity of a space and respecting the little details that evoke big feelings. It is very important to be intentional. I also try to design contemplative moments and create sanctuary-like spaces – using natural materials in variations of earthy, organic hues that have always proven to feel grounded and calming.

Favorite home/decor stores… Debs I, Nikki Kehoe, Gallery Huff.
Sarah Solis Design Studio

Favorite current design project: Equestrian farm in the ancient agora.

Item that instantly upgrades space… Creative and artistic lighting.

Current design logo: Everything happens.

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