Nutrition: The best place for indoor and outdoor fireside dining in Connecticut

Nutrition: The best place for indoor and outdoor fireside dining in Connecticut

The weather is getting colder which means it’s the perfect time of year to relax by the fire. Every Tuesday, Kevin and Jenna talk all things Connecticut food with Alex from CTFoodGirly. Today, Alex shares the best places in Connecticut to grab a bite to eat or have a drink by the fire. From outdoor fire pits and igloos to cozy indoor tables by the fireplace.

Best outdoor dining next to a fireplace:

The suite is located in Branfordknown for its great outdoor space, live music and
Classic American comfort food with a Southern twist. This spot is always crowded late at night
In the summer, and in the winter, they have a big warm room off to the side, and so do you
You can see directly through the glass to the outside, perfect for dinner or if you’re on holiday
Event or party/. They have fireplaces and fires around their grounds too. I was here
Yesterday I tried their famous smoked dry rub wings, they were delicious.

Dockside Brewery is located in MilfordThey have just opened their heated igloo, which is all inclusive
Different theme inside. I saw neon, Taylor Swift, jungle and even Vegas themed too. I
I headed there Thursday night to check one out, and it’s more like a unique dining experience
From experience, none of the igloos have a standard table and chair decor. The igloos have two
Heaters inside and this is a great idea for your next night out with friends. You can book
igloo online. They have espresso martini flights Monday through Thursday, and this seemed like the most ideal

Fire on the Ridge is located in Middlefield at Powder Ridge Mountain Park and Resortthat it
Great place if you are looking for that snowy getaway. The restaurant has this great twist
Bar and open dining area are definitely comfortable. They had a bonfire outside for a few weeks
Long time ago, I know they got those heated igloos last year, and I hope they bring them back

Best place to eat by the fireplace:

Brush Mill by the Fall, located in Chester, It was a bit of a drive for me, but worth it
a trip. There is a lot of history in this restaurant, as the property has been around ever since
19th century, and when you walk into the restaurant, you go to the bridge that has the largest number
Beautiful waterfall underneath. The restaurant has a group of rooms that have been differently renovated
Between the two floors, taking into account the amazing design and comfort. The menu is seasonal and…
They use locally sourced ingredients, and the food and drinks were amazing from start to finish.
There is a giant stone fireplace, which is the most cozy place, and the Brushmill is a must this winter.

Shell & Bones Oyster Bar & Grill is located in New Haven. It is really known to them
Award-winning seafood and stunning waterfront views, but people quickly forget that
The restaurant has a stunning white brick fireplace and a two-sided fireplace. It’s one of my favorite sections
The restaurant and fireplace add a different atmosphere to this summer-loving restaurant.
They have one New York strip dish with truffle frites and sautéed spinach that is to die for, and now I…
Need to sit at the Shell & Bone fireplace with that steak.

The Lodge at Silver Sands, located in East Haven, It has a wonderful traveling stone fireplace
Even the entire wall. This place really reminds me of a nice vacation in Vermont. Smells, dark
Wood, comfort food. They have a great cocktail list and appetizers section on their menu.
It’s great, easy to use, and the perfect place to make homemade mac and cheese and
Drink with fire.

Millpond Gathering Steakhouse, located in Northford, It is divided into steak section
And the bar section. It’s really gorgeous inside with heavy wood walls and stone floors
Wooden ceilings. They have a beautiful stone fireplace that is open to the sides and goes up
In the middle of the restaurant. A cozy place with great food, this would be a perfect date night
Spot for the winter.

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