News articles tagged “8 Spruce Street”

News articles tagged “8 Spruce Street”

Archinect Editorial is no stranger to covering project delays. In the second half of 2022 alone, we covered construction setbacks at the International African American Museum, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. However, such high-ranking figures… View full entry

Image: Wikimedia Commons user Paul Hermans

8 Spruce Street in Lower Manhattan, the Frank Gehry-designed rental tower that is instantly recognizable for its unique undulating roof, is on the market for an equally eye-catching price.-The real deal

Owner Brookfield Property Partners and Nuveen, the real estate arm of insurance company TIAA, have put the 76-story building on the market for $850 million. At the time of its opening, the nearly 900-unit tower was the tallest residential building in North America. Building… View full entry

One57.  Photo: Hayden Blakey via Flickr

By living above 800 feet, Estes and Enkin are members of an unexpectedly exclusive group in Manhattan. I estimate that no more than 40 people currently live above this line, spread out between just three buildings…

As the elevator descended and my ears perked up, it occurred to me that I would certainly never accept such a sight again. In fact, probably no one will, if these apartments turn into empty investments. – New York times

In this elegantly observed and exquisitely written piece, Jon Ronson not only gives a view of Manhattan from more than 800 feet up through visits to Trump World Tower, One57, and 8 Spruce Street, but he also looks to the future of a nation divided by unattainable wealth. Increasingly. gap. Real estate in… View full entry

The moving torso of James Calatrava (via Wikipedia).

This trend began in the 21st century with the Turning Torso building in Sweden in 2005, then was quickly modified and modified by Frank Gehry for what became 2011’s 8 Spruce Street in Manhattan. Now the quirky apartment building appears to have come into its own, to judge by the works recently proposed by… View full entry

Drifting boat interface with farm islands and energy islands (design by Weijia Song)

For the latest in a series of student work, Archinect screened Petropolis of Tomorrow: Drift & Drive… a proposed solution for Petrobras… to move workers offshore… Thayer-D was curious “what kind of work the students do Who do you expect to do this kind of work? “For me, the real problem with this project is its weakness in experimentation, substance and form,” Barmaei agreed. “What is really radical here?”

For the latest in a series of student works, Archinect is featured in Petropolis of Tomorrow: Drift & Drive. Joanna Luo, Weijia Song, and Alex Yuen, students at Rice School of Architecture, completed the project working with their advisor Neeraj Bhatia. It consists of a system of floating islands… View full entry

1st place: 8 Spruce Street, New York City, 265.18 m / 870 ft, 76 floors (Copyright: Courtesy of Gehry Partners)

The ten winners of the 2011 Emporis Skyscraper Award have been announced, with the 8 Spruce Street Tower in New York City taking first place. Winners were selected from more than 220 skyscrapers completed in 2011. Now, in its twelfth year, the awards program rewards ten skyscrapers completed in the previous calendar year.–

Lucky Jerry.  (David Sandberg/ESTO)

He may be Canadian of Jewish descent, but the Observer always thought Frank Gehry was part Irish. How else to explain his golden touch?– observer

ESTO photographer David Sandberg captures an unusual shot off the coast of Manhattan – Frank Gehry’s rainbow. Let’s see if you can guess what the two bowls full of gold are. View full entry

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