New Skosh brand in Garfield Park seeks out coffee lovers and home decor shoppers – Indianapolis Business Journal

New Skosh brand in Garfield Park seeks out coffee lovers and home decor shoppers – Indianapolis Business Journal

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Scooch, a new business that is a café and home decor store, is scheduled to open Nov. 14 at 2555 Shelby Ave. (IBJ photo/Dave Lindquist)

A new business across the street from Garfield Park aims to attract customers who appreciate a coffee while pouring and are in the mood to buy a sofa, lamp or piece of art.

Skosh, 2555 Shelby St., takes its name from slang for “a small amount,” and store founder Haley Hilts describes the concept as a little coffee and a little home decor.

“It’s a lifestyle studio where you can buy whatever you see,” said Hilts, owner of interior design firm Authentique Design Collective. Even coffee cups are for sale.

On the surface, Skosh is an inviting gathering place featuring eclectic new and vintage furnishings. It is also a place that is set to constantly change because all items are on sale.

The 1,600-square-foot store is scheduled to open Nov. 14. Operating hours are scheduled to be from 8 am to 6 pm from Thursday to Tuesday.

Skosh will be closed on Wednesdays, and is reserved for employees to move items that have been sold and bring in items that will change the look of the store.

Mindy Sly, who co-owns Skosh with Hilts, said the items will not be sold out from under customers who are loitering.

“When large pieces are purchased, we don’t want to disrupt the flow of business,” said Sly, owner of interior design firm Urban Sly Designs. “If you want a couch, we’re not going to kick people out and say, ‘Get up, you have to go.’ “

Sly, who grew up in Rushville and attended Ball State University, first met fellow designer Hilts, a Center Grove High School graduate who played volleyball at Lynn University in Florida, by fielding a work-related question online.

“The bond was created immediately,” Slay said.

Skosh personnel
Skosh founder Haley Hilts, center, is flanked by co-owner Mindy Sly, left, and coffee director Nyla Elizondo, right. (IBJ Photo/Dave Lindquist)

Hilts said it adheres to a “no formula” design philosophy. Visitors can expect a variety of styles at Skosh, with the common denominator being the “well-made furniture” provided by Hilts and Sly.

“It doesn’t have to all be from the same era or have the same texture,” Hilts said.

The designer’s role is to match the client’s personality to the physical space, Sly said. A universal sense of familiarity is Skoch’s goal, she said.

“I want people from all walks of life to come and feel at home,” Sly said.

Seven employees will work at Skosh, with barista Nyla Elizondo overseeing the coffee program. Initial beverage offerings will include flavors from Illumine Coffee Co., as well as teas and non-alcoholic cocktails.

PB&J Factory, the sandwich concept that previously served customers at the AMP food hall in the Tech Innovation District 16, will be Skosh’s on-site dining partner.

Hilts said she’s keen for open-minded visitors to check out the store’s décor.

“You may not like everything, but I bet there’s one thing here you might like,” Hilts said.

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