New-look American Airlines lounges offer luxury and local flavor: Travel Weekly

New-look American Airlines lounges offer luxury and local flavor: Travel Weekly

DENVER — American Airlines has now opened three new-look Admirals Club lounges in the past year with the club debuting on October 18 at the Denver airport.

As with the openings last October at Washington Reagan National and last month at Newark Liberty, the Denver lounge offers upscale furnishings and amenities as well as a more refined feel than the older Admirals Club locations.

The three lounges represent the latest American step in an industry-wide move toward offering more luxurious lounges, infused with local flavour. Improving the dining offerings at those and other Admirals clubs is another key element of the American strategy.

“We are truly looking forward to taking our customers’ ability to relax and unwind as they fly with us to the next level,” said Rafael Girardone, the airline’s managing director of premium guest services.

Girardone added that across American’s three new or renovated domestic lounges, the airline sought to create a relaxed atmosphere through the use of natural materials, soft color palettes and softer lighting compared to previous Admirals Club standards.

These traits were evident during the recent visit to the new Denver club. Muted blue, green and gray colors dominate the furniture upholstery. Wood is a common feature in floors, walls and ceilings.
But although the lounges are designed to have a cohesive, public feel, they are also local.

Admiral's Club at Washington Reagan National Airport.

Admiral’s Club at Washington Reagan National Airport. Image source: American Airlines

For example, the lounge here features poplar trees tucked behind glass, while in Newark and Washington cherry blossoms predominate.

The Denver lounge also has carpeting that evokes the uneven horizon of a distant mountain range. In Washington, the decor is inspired by the US Capitol building and includes parts of famous historical speeches.

One of the first visitors to the new 6,000-square-foot Denver Admirals Club was Matthew Clint, author of the blog Live and Let’s Fly, who often reviews airport lounges.

“American Airlines has done a fantastic job with their new Denver lounge, and the new design elements of the Admirals Club (which we also see at Washington National and Newark) represent a great new chapter in the style and evolution of the Admirals Clubs,” he wrote in an article. Last post.

Clint praised the aesthetics of the Denver living room, which offers a fireplace as well as a mix of sofas and chairs. He also said the food at the club had “improved dramatically”.

“I was there transitioning from breakfast to lunch and loved the tacos, salads and meat bars,” he wrote.

The three new Admiral Clubs have what Gherardoni describes as improved dining offerings. American has also revamped its retro club dining experience, starting in July in Miami and Los Angeles. This process is scheduled to be completed across the entire Admirals Club system in 2024.

The chipotle chicken tacos at the new Denver Admirals Club are served in tortillas from local vendor Raquelita's.

The chipotle chicken tacos at the new Denver Admirals Club are served in tortillas from local vendor Raquelita’s. Image source: American Airlines

Girardone said the new menus offer more refined and detailed selections, as well as a focus on local brands. In Denver, the chipotle chicken taco is served in a tortilla from local vendor Raquelitas Tortillas.

On the beverage side, American began offering complimentary sparkling wine and mimosas as well as Scotch, tequila and craft beer options through its local lounge system in July.

America does not have any other Admirals Club renovations underway at this time. A club at the airline’s Philadelphia hub is in the planning stages, but no timeline has been set, Girardone said.

More generally, American will upgrade the lounges to new design standards as it undertakes periodic renovations to its approximately 50 Admirals Clubs around the world.

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