Mushroomcore and more: 14 decor ideas for nature lovers

Mushroomcore and more: 14 decor ideas for nature lovers

Miniature white sofa and coffee table with cups sitting on a dried leaf under brown mushrooms in the grass


“Mushroomcore” is a perfect decor style for those who love bringing nature into their homes. With elements like cute mushrooms, green moss, and tree-inspired pieces, mushroomcore is a design style known for being vibrant and earthy. From plants to furniture, these 14 mushroom decor ideas and projects will have your home looking like a wooded wonderland or a cute garden in no time.

1. Score shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushroom record


If you want to decorate your home while keeping a fun indoor plant, this 12 inch shiitake mushroom log is for you. This product will provide up to 12 months of mushrooms to cook if you follow the proper care instructions, which according to customer reviews are very simple. This mushroom log is a two-for-one by bringing a little bit of the forest into your home and making a delicious treat.

Get a shiitake mushroom log at The Home Depot for $30

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2. Hanging moss birdhouse

Moss Birdhouse Hanging


This birdhouse is the perfect green color for a mushroomcore home. Hanging them indoors adds an element of garden beauty to your indoor space. These mossy birdhouses will also look appropriate in your lawn and garden where birds can happily explore your outdoor area.

Get the SuperMoss Hanging Birdhouse at Amazon for $25.83

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3. Mushroom night light

Mushroom night light


When walking around your home in the dark of night, this wonderful night light can help guide the way. The mini LED mushrooms group together to provide dreamy ambient lighting that will transform your living room, bedroom, or any other space into a whimsical indoor mushroom garden.

Get the Hortsun Mushroom Night Light at Amazon for $29.99

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4. DIY wall hanging branch

Eucalyptus wall hanging

Image: Akanthapoetic via

Using a few materials you can find in your backyard and a little time, you can create a DIY wall hanging to add some mushroom flair to your home. Start with a sturdy tree branch no larger than 1 foot, some floral or leaf accents, and a string of twine. After checking for any pests or diseases on the branch, attach the green stem with your twine, or choose copper wire from your craft stash. Then tie the string on each end of the branch and hang it on a nail. This DIY decor will add a natural touch to your space and make you feel like the garden is growing outside the walls. If you still want that tree branch art in your home but would rather save time than money, this eucalyptus option from @AcanthaBoutique on Etsy is as fragrant as it is gorgeous.

Get the eucalyptus flower branch on Etsy for $70

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5. LED Pinecone Candles

LED Pinecone Candles


These LED pinecone candles are another great way to bring a mushroom design into your space. The popular Amazon product has many five-star reviews for its long battery life, pleasing visual appeal, and convenience. Our flame resistant candles will create a cozy, wilderness feel anywhere you place them.

Get the Eldnacele LED Pinecone Candles at Amazon for $39.85

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6. 3D moss rug

Patchwork moss rug in the living room


A patchwork rug is a luxurious and cozy way to make your home look like a whimsical jungle. The different shades of green will make any room you place it in look like a mossy forest floor, suitable for a “mushroom” space. This rug can be a perfect addition to a bathroom, children’s room or entryway.

Get the Izteck Patchwork Moss Rug at Amazon for $229

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7. Mushroom wood side table

Mushroom side table


This wooden mushroom table is a great way to introduce a natural element into any room. It can be a perfect side table for a living room sofa, a bedside area for lamps, or even a foot stool in an outdoor seating area. The versatility of this wooden table is what makes it the most charming mushroom decoration.

Get the Hoegmst Mushroom Wood Table at Amazon for $139.99

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8. DIY shadow box

DIY shadow box

Photo: Autumn WickedShop via

A shadow box display is a great way to customize your home decor to suit your design goals. To create a mushroom core box, collect items such as dried wildflowers, fern branches, acorns, and old nature posters. Follow these instructions to create your own shadow box and hang it for all to see. Or you can support one of our Etsy artists and order this gnome’s hidden shadow box with miniature mushroom accents from @AutumnsWickedShop.

Get the Gnomes Hideaway Shadow Box from Etsy for $70

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9. Peel and stick wallpaper for fungus

Mushroomcore peel and stick wallpaper in bedroom


If you’re obsessed with mushroom aesthetics, this peel and stick wallpaper is for you. This beautiful mushroom art wallpaper can make a perfect accent wall in your bathroom, closet or entryway. Pops of jewel tones will transform your space into a celebration of mushrooms.

Get Haokhome Peel and Stick Mushroom Wallpaper at Amazon starting at $22.67

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10. Moss wall mirror

Moss wall mirror

Image: Erinz Art via

This mossy wall mirror from @AerinsArt on Etsy is a fun way to add depth to a space while maintaining your mushroom style. The leafy texture makes for an interesting decor piece that will attract guests. Hanging this mirror in a smaller area that has less room for other decor makes it functional and pleasing to the eye.

Get the Moss Wall Mirror from Etsy starting at $49

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Mushroom chair in the living room


This mushroom bench is so cute and makes a great companion to an easy chair or comfy bench. It’s a convenient and practical way to incorporate more of the mushroom aesthetic into your home. Better yet, it has dozens of five-star reviews from Target shoppers, so you can shop with confidence for your next piece of mushroom decor.

Get the Maddalena Mushroom Stool at Target for $100

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12. Moss Wall Art

moose wall art

Image: Brightbill Shop via

These adorable pieces of mossy wall art from @BrightBelleShop on Etsy are another great way to add a mushroom touch to your home. Each paneled piece of art adds a layer of nature to empty walls. The artist has other options in hexagons, circles and squares, and buyers are hanging them in bathrooms, home offices or anywhere that needs a touch of green.

Get Moss Wall Art on Etsy starting at $63.42

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13. Hanging glass terrarium

Three hanging terrariums


These glass terrariums are dreamy and a great way to grow succulents, flowers and herbs without taking up a lot of space. With a few succulents, rocks and dirt, you can have a little piece of nature hanging from any ceiling in your home. Mini planters are a great alternative to larger pots for people who live in smaller spaces but still want the distinctive look of mushrooms.

Get the Whole Housewares Hanging Glass Sink from Amazon for $27.79

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14. Tree trunk coasters

Tree trunk coaster


Even your drinks can fit in with the mushroom trend with these coasters. With the right coffee table, these coasters will make the home feel outdoorsy and exotic. For those who want more of a DIY project, painting these coasters with jungle-inspired designs can add a personal touch to your home.

Get Thirstystone Round Edge Coasters at Target for $13.59

Prices stated here are accurate as of the date of publication on June 26, 2023.

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