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ModMed, a healthcare organization that has designed electronic health records and project management systems to put clinicians and patients at the center of care, has announced the incorporation of the VBAC into its ModMedob-gyn suite.1

The VBAC Calculator was created to improve the advice doctors may give to patients who have had a previous caesarean section and who are discussing their labor experience. Doctors will be able to use the calculator to provide more personalized and informed guidance to their patients. This will allow for a more satisfying birthing experience.

Cesarean section rates have increased in the United States, reaching a rate of 32.2% in 2022.2 From 2021 to 2022, increased rates were reported in Asian women, Hispanic women, and White women. An increase was also seen in American Indian women, but this increase was not considered significant.

Increased maternal morbidity and mortality due to complications such as placenta accreta spectrum disease and postpartum hemorrhage have been associated with increased rates of caesarean section.2 Setting a date for a caesarean section can reduce the risks in patients trying to go into labour.

The VBAC Calculator addresses the high rates of caesarean section and associated risks.1 Previously, the calculator could only be accessed through a separate website, but now clinicians will be able to access it easily through the ModMed OBGYN suite. ModMed stated that the tool will be available on its own and as part of VBAC counseling and scheduling plans for repeat caesarean sections.

This integration is part of ModMed’s work to use technology and medicine to improve medicine. The group encouraged healthcare professionals to explore the VBAC calculator in the ModMed OBGYN group.


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