Minimalists embrace this wall art trend

Minimalists embrace this wall art trend

It’s not often that there’s a wall in every room that’s begging for a beautifully framed piece of art. I tend to go big and centered with my wall art, which really emphasizes the focal point of the room. But I’m noticing more and more designers are turning this idea on its head and it’s made me rethink everything I’ve ever thought about framing and positioning wall art.

Instead of the classic look that dominates a master bedroom wall or a living room chimney, designers in particular are turning to smaller, off-center hung frames. The result is subversive yet simple, making it a feature wall without overpowering the space. It also draws attention to the color and texture of the wall and the rest of the decor in the room – which would either be carefully thought out or not present in a simple scheme.

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