Mica RiNo offers luxury amenities and easy access to Denver nightlife

Mica RiNo offers luxury amenities and easy access to Denver nightlife

Room Service is a new series that takes a look at apartment complexes and other lodging options. Our first batch was at Art Studios; Keep reading for our latest:

What: Mica Reno Apartments are located a stone’s throw from the Mission Ballroom

where: 4290 Brighton Street

it costs: Studios start at $1,724 per month, and two-bedrooms go up to $5,160 per month.

administration: Willowick is the on-site property manager. Hines is the developer.

Building: The 397-unit building is still receiving the finishing touches after opening to residents in July, but several levels are ready to go. Mica RiNo has just opened the last of its eleven floors for rent, and the new building is full of green colors and eye-catching artwork to match its prime location.

Comprised of more than 3,500 square feet of retail and residential space adjacent to the Mission Ballroom — one of Denver’s top music venues — MICA takes advantage of the opportunity with a viewing platform overlooking the entrance to the concert venue.

Click to enlarge The balcony overlooks a courtyard made of gray stone.

The view from Mica RiNo’s rooftop looking directly into the Mission Ballroom.

Katie Cheshire

“Watch the sunset, get some wine, and what’s really cool is seeing all the crowds at the Mission Ballroom start lining up around 5:00 p.m.,” says Heinz analyst Jessica Matthews.

The viewing deck is located right next to the building’s heated swimming pool. The pool deck has an outdoor kitchen and plenty of city views.

It’s very difficult to park in the Reno area where Mica is located, but Matthews points out that residents won’t have that problem because the building has a dedicated garage. This can be especially useful for music lovers who want to skip public transportation, parking, and the tangle of trips that often occur on the way to Mission Ballroom.

Matthews says Western word Mika has had problems in the past with ride drivers turning into her lane and blocking the road. “But they added a lot of signs, and then we’ll have a security guard at night when there are shows, so it’s a lot better now,” she says.

Just below the viewing deck is a mural that was part of this year’s Denver Walls Festival, which depicts a unicorn with its horn transformed into a tree branch, along with other unicorns forming part of the clouds in the background.

Click to enlarge A painting of a rhinoceros with a tree branch on its trunk.

The mural on Micah Reno’s corner was part of the Denver International Mural Festival this year.

Katie Cheshire

“It’s actually supposed to symbolize how rhino horn was hunted and how it was on the verge of extinction, but then it rebounded,” Matthews says.

Underneath the unicorn mural will soon be a second location for TRVE Brewing, a heavy metal-focused brewery currently located at 227 Broadway. She has plans to open a dining room with a large patio to share the emerging space.

said Nick Nunes, owner of TRVE Western word Launching earlier this month, the new space will be similar to a Broadway theater, but with a little more sleekness and sophistication.

“The playlist won’t change,” Nunns reassured metal fans. “Even if you’re going to (the nearby Mission Ballroom) for some rave country show, we’ll still be playing the same playlist. We still welcome you into the space just like we would everyone else.”

TRVE will be joined by San Diego County-based Full Metal Burgers on the ground floor of Mica, making the luxury apartment building a counterculture home as well. “We were nervous about being a ‘metal alley,’ but these guys are so nice and they’re so thorough, so it’s going to be cool,” Matthews says of Hines’ enthusiasm for their head-banging neighbors. There are two more retail spaces ready for the restaurant to fill on the ground floor as well.

Inner scoop: The building has a mix of units from studios to two bedrooms, with most units being one bedroom apartments. There are some units on the first floor that open onto the alley next to the Mission Ballroom.

“We call them ‘live-work’ units because you can have work downstairs and then live upstairs,” Matthews explains. The rental process for these units is the same as for other units.

Click to enlarge Kitchen with stainless steel appliances and pendant lights over an island.

All kitchens at Mica RiNo have stainless steel appliances.

Katie Cheshire

The apartments have huge closets and stainless steel appliances. Each master suite has a walk-in glass shower.
The hallways, elevators, and even the mailroom are decorated with artwork from the likes of Lee Suggs, David Attie, Raymond Sa, Dan Covert, Gil Albert Hallaban, Sebastian Blanc, Jay Chen, and custom works from Natalie Adgnot. Evergreen is used throughout the space on walls and decor. It’s the signature color of the San Francisco-based designer who oversaw the project, Matthews says.

In addition to the apartments themselves, residents at Mica will have access to common spaces, including an outdoor TV wall, an indoor-outdoor fireplace, and a hammock patio on the same level as the pool.

Click to enlarge A room with a large hallway decorated for Christmas and a green sofa.

Mica RiNo’s co-working space includes private conference rooms.

Katie Cheshire

There’s also a covered area for people to bring their dogs, a co-working space, and a space for artists.

Soon, the rooftop lounge will be completed.

“When I first started working on this project, it was just drawings, and then when I saw it for the first time I was like, ‘This is amazing,’” Matthews says.

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