Metro! Greater Paris is on the move

Metro!  Greater Paris is on the move

Metro Gallery! Greater Paris is on the move
From November 8, 2023 to June 2, 2024

In the city of architecture and heritage

The ongoing mega-project of the Grand Paris Express provides an exceptional opportunity to rethink mobility at the scale of a region – a city with a population of 12 million. With its double ring of track and four new metro lines, this new infrastructure gives essence to a metropolitan Paris that has been reshaped for a century. A total of 68 new stations, where architects and artists jointly developed a project for a place that will serve residents and travelers. Being as interested in mobility as in urbanization, this is the challenge facing this exhibition that brings together the history of technology, visionary projects and the imaginative world associated with the metro, exposing the visitor to a new mental map of Greater Paris.

An urban adventure on the rails between fantasy and reality
Fantasy and reality are tested in this sequence centered on the origins and development of the Paris metro, linked to the development of the capital, its penetration into the suburbs, and the birth of greater Paris. It shows the transformation from a closed metropolis to a mobile, irrigated and radical city. The metro can be seen in its many forms: aesthetic, through Guimard’s works, and technological, through the amazing geotechnical works deployed to organize the underground world and organize the surface network.

Metro fantasy in cinema
The cinematic airlock represents a turning point in the visitor’s journey, presenting a series of fascinating scenes that transform the metro locations into a space of drama, while at the same time introducing you to the urban life that unfolds there. The seventh art, which essentially identified its birth with the capital, produced the first popular representations of the city. This whirlwind of images announces the role of imagination in creating a future mental map of Greater Paris.

From the basement to the public space
This technology is at the heart of the social and environmental issues that the 20 tunnel boring machines in operation have brought, in their wake, to the surface of greater Paris, in particular with the reuse of spoils. In the face of the mass of data represented by the format of such a project, this sequence presents a synthetic image of an unusual project, allowing the visitor to understand why the infrastructure is not just a simple tunnel, but a complex of public spaces extending from the train platform to the station forecourt. In this evolutionary work, the question of the habitability of the Earth strongly asserts itself.

Grand Paris Archipelago
In Greater Paris, the city of Paris represents only 5% of urban land. Facing the difficulties of understanding this reality, the archipelago will allow the visitor to experience the diversity of urban spaces, both physically and mentally, and the uniqueness of the network that will unite them by 2030. Models of stations and works in progress in the station A tandem theme between architect and artist, and samples of materials: the visitor wanders among a variety Of the artefacts, whose links resonate with digital creativity, at the end of the journey, which allows everyone to recreate their own mental image of greater Paris.

The voices and faces of greater Paris
The sounds of greater Paris are a display piece in themselves. The dedicated gaps will open up space for an intimate face-to-face meeting, within the great debate on urban mobility. By mixing perspectives, a shared map emerges, with its possibilities and frictions, thanks to the testimonies of artists, architects, engineers, landscape designers, philosophers and writers. These words will reflect the works of famous painters who, after immersing themselves in the station grounds, will see their works displayed for the first time in the city.

Dominique Perrault, architect, urban planner
Francis Rambert, Director of Architectural Creativity at the City of Architecture and Heritage
Jean-Marc Hoffmann, Assistant Curator of the Castings Exhibition at the City of Architecture and Heritage

Metro Gallery! Greater Paris is on the move
From November 8, 2023 to June 2, 2024

In the city of architecture and heritage
1, Place Trocadéro, Paris 16

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