Megan Fox’s long red nails had the cutest Halloween nail art designs

Megan Fox’s long red nails had the cutest Halloween nail art designs

Every year on the last weekend of October, the creative and spooky energy of Halloween creeps in. Celebrities are known to up the ante every year, creating screen-accurate theatrical costumes and entertaining photo shoots, all while being the stars. -Studded parties at their best on All Hallow’s Eve.

On the evening of October 27, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly – who chose it Kill Bill– COUPLES COSTUMES INSPIRED – She attended the Casamigos’ 2023 Halloween party in Los Angeles in matching “suits.”

While fans of the referenced film will likely agree that all of the details are very close to those of the movie, Fox’s long red nails added a uniquely vibrant detail.

Megan’s red nails for halloween

Painted at Foxology by Arctic Fox Nail Polish in the shade Poison — which also matches the blood dripping from her eyes — Fox’s Halloween nails were in the shape of a very long, smooth coffin that drew all eyes to her hands (which also happens to show off her fully healed finger tattoo that was done Add it to her collection in July).

Created by Brittney Boyce, a celebrity-beloved manicurist who frequently works with… Jennifer’s body The actress opted for a combination of black nail art designs over a fiery red base polish, no doubt referencing her new finger ink.

As for the specific nail art designs found at Manicure Fox? Boyce added snakes, crescents, inverted crosses, barbed wire, and more.

Fox and MGK Kill Bill like

Fox and MGK referenced two iconic Quentin Tarantino characters Kill Bill: Volume 1 — Gojo Yubari and the Bride, who happen to be fighting on screen. Fox wore her bright red hair out for the evening, enlisting the help of hairstylist Dimitris Giannitos to pin her glossy, near-black wig with wispy bangs.

As for her makeup, Gina Cristina credits her open lashes and expertly applied bleeding eyes.

Michael Kovach/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As for MGK, the “Bloody Valentine” artist dressed as the bride, famously played by actress Uma Thurman, proving once and for all that costumes truly do not discriminate between the genders.

Fox is very much in its red era

Aside from her bright red nails, Fox has been in her red era for some time now — and it started with her headline-grabbing hair change. Back in March, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous: Poems The author replaced her signature black strands with a warm shade of soft copper.

However, in early September, Fox fully committed to her obsession with red, dyeing her tresses a fiery blood red hue. Moreover, she chopped her medium-length tresses into a shoulder-length bob.

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