Marvel designs are now available for Visa Disney credit cards

Marvel designs are now available for Visa Disney credit cards

Fans can show off their favorite heroes at checkout with Disney’s new Marvel Visa credit card designs.

As part of the long-running collaboration between Disney and Visa, the company has unveiled three new credit card designs featuring Groot, Black Panther and Captain America, all of which are available to order from the credit card supplier’s website. Designs include one of Groot happily dancing in front of an alien planet backdrop, an all-purple card with Black Panther leaping into action and Captain America’s shield. Each design features either Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy Logo in the upper left corner.

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According to Marvel’s official website, the new designs are only available to Visa card members, which also gives them access to discounts and exclusive merchandise. In addition, Disney-branded credit cards have their own benefits as well, such as a 10% discount on online merchandise from the company’s official website and a 20% discount on a first-time annual subscription to digital comic book platform Marvel Unlimited, plus cash back for rewards. On Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ subscription packages.

Aside from their new Marvel superhero designs, Disney and Chase, which distribute and activate the cards through their banking system, offer a variety of other Disney-themed designs based on popular films such as toy story And sleeping beauty. several star Wars The designs are also available on the Disney Rewards website along with several plain-colored card options.

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Disney credit cardholders will also receive a Disney Rewards Redemption Card, which allows users to pay for certain Disney-themed goods and services using reward points earned from previous purchases. These rewards can be redeemed at the Disney Store online or for movie tickets at participating AMC theaters either online or via the AMC mobile app.

Applying for a Disney Credit Card or purchasing a new Disney-themed card will not automatically cancel previous Chase/Visa credit cards, however, it does require users to request cancellation of the old card at the time of purchase. Otherwise, cardholders can call Chase or visit its website to request a cancellation. Existing Visa cardmembers can swap out their current card design for one of Disney’s new Marvel-themed designs by contacting the company. New members can sign up through the official Disney Rewards website.

Source: Marvel

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