LightBox Exhibition Abstract: “Desire – The Art of Fashion Design” with Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay

LightBox Exhibition Abstract: “Desire – The Art of Fashion Design” with Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay

Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay knows a thing or two about fashion design. After all, she helped prepare the queens of Arendelle Olaf’s frozen adventure And Frozen 2. in Lightbox GalleryA large crowd of people gathered to catch a glimpse of the next set of anime costumes from a future classic, he wishes. This is what I learned duringhe wishes:The art of fashion design.



Asha Fashion Design:

  • The film is set in the Middle Ages, and Griselda took inspiration from Disney’s designs sleeping beauty From 1959.
  • Asha’s father was European, while her mother was from North Africa. As a result, the design of her dress is inspired by European designs, while her jewelry and accents are North African.
  • Following a Disney tradition dating back to snow white And the seven dwarvesAll fashion design in he wishes Rooted in real designs from the era in which the story takes place, with the exception of the main character who has a bit of a contemporary style. For Asha, this is best reflected in her hair, which is styled in a trendy side braid.
  • Highlighting some of the finer details, one of the unique elements in Asha’s dress are the pumpkin seeds. “When you watch the movie, everything will make sense,” Griselda hinted.
  • While reviewing the design package for Asha’s dress, which becomes an out-of-studio utility for Consumer Products and Disney Parks, Griselda breaks down the elements of Asha’s dress: a base layer of shirt, a middle layer of kirtle, and an outer coat of clothing, which is then accessorized with a belt.
  • All the shoes in the film are accurate, except Asha’s. To represent the fact that she is a progressive thinker, she wears 19th-century D’Orsays.


Costume design for King Magnifico and Queen Amaya:

  • Before designing the characters, initial concept art helped define the Kingdom of Rosas, the film’s setting. One of David Womersley’s earliest designs was for King Magnifico’s observatory, which inspired Griselda’s designs for his costume.
  • King Magnifico’s cloak is an important part of his silhouette, which gives an imposing quality despite the light colors of his exterior. The abaya’s heavenly interior design is inspired by gold star mosaic patterns that were popular in medieval architecture.
  • Since King Magnifico is the most charming person in Rosas, his costume must be the most elaborate. However, it took less time to finalize his costume design than most characters in the film, with only 26 variations until his look was approved.
  • Like other human characters he wishesKing Magnifico wears a “spinner shoe”, named after its manufacturing technique (turned inside out after stitching so that the seams are hidden on the inside).
  • Griselda even designed King Magnifico’s wedding ring, a complimentary piece for his wife, Queen Amaya.
  • Queen Amaya designs borrow the King Magnifico color palette but with a queen silhouette. Her costume was designed to appear lighter and more ethereal in contrast to her husband.
  • The medieval period was when button holes were first invented, which were only reserved for the wealthy and elite. As such, Queen Amaya is the only character in the film he wishes Which costume has buttons?
  • Queen Amaya’s hair is done in a traditional wavy braid, with royal gemstones inserted.
  • In much of Griselda’s artwork of Queen Amaya, she is constantly accompanied by a cat, which Griselda reveals is a deleted character as the story develops.


Valentino fashion design:

  • Yes, Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay designed Valentino’s adorable goat pajamas. In fact, because of the changes in the story, she has more costume changes for Valentino than any other character in the movie!
  • Throughout the iterative development process of he wishesValentino’s character design changes depending on which side he belongs to. In the final film, he is Asha’s goat, but in earlier drafts, he belonged to different characters, including Asha’s grandfather, Sabino. This would often change their physical appearance, including fur color and patterns, necessitating different pajama choices.
  • Fun fact: Production designer Lisa Kane has a pet goat that she dresses up in pajamas, which inspired Valentino’s outfit!
  • The design of Valentino’s final costume features a particular type of collar that was common in medieval clothing.
"he wishes" Swag - light drawing and star notebook

“Wish” Swag – Star-Shaped Light Sketch and Notepad

Crowd fashion designs:

  • Once the main character’s costumes were designed (Griselda Sastrawainata-Lemay did not work alone, as Meg Park created additional costumes for the film), Griselda had great fun outfitting the residents of Rosas.
  • All character costume designs included a color key stage, and for these background characters, color keys helped define all of their costume choices.
  • Early in the story process, the people of Rosas are divided between a small, wooded village and the picturesque townsfolk. Griselda designed costumes for both, but when that idea was scrapped, she had to mix those designs together to create the crowds that appear in the film.
  • Most of the costumes in the film are made of hemp and linen, common types of fabric in the Middle Ages.
  • Griselda shared that one of her favorite parts of the process is combining skin tone and hair color with the fashion choices for crowds.

method Walt Disney Animation Studios Get closer to fashion design he wishes It is more common for how costumes are created for a live-action film. This is not unusual in anime, where character designers are usually responsible for costume design. However, this is the working preference of production designer Mike Giaimo, who also supervised the work Frozen 2.

be seen he wishes In theaters starting November 22. click here For more coverage from LightBox Expo.

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