Lauren Kyle shared her design inspiration and how she chooses decor for her homes with Connor McDavid

Lauren Kyle shared her design inspiration and how she chooses decor for her homes with Connor McDavid

Lauren Kyle’s passion for design began at an early age.

Kyle is an interior designer and founder of Kyle & Associates, a design studio in Edmonton, but she says she started reimagining spaces long before it became her career.

“I was always rearranging my room and I was always interested in creativity, whether it was in an entertaining form, a creative form, or a design form,” she told Narcity.

“I think your space and your surroundings can really impact your overall mood and the way you feel, so my love for design is just about feeling good and making other people feel good.”

Kyle now works with elite clients around the world to renovate spaces, make them more functional and more beautiful.

Scrolling through Kyle & Co’s Instagram page, you’ll see countless photos of the stunning spaces Kyle and her team have worked on.

From kitchens to offices, bedrooms and offices, there’s no space the Kyle & Co team hasn’t done. They also recently launched their own line of high-end furniture, but more on that later.

When we asked Kyle to describe her style when designing the space, the designer said it was a mix of classic and contemporary.

“I feel like our signature style takes really classic elements that we know will remain timeless over the years, and applies modern elements and modern principles to those really classic materials,” she explained.

While the majority of her work focuses on other people’s spaces, Kyle has also used her skills to make her own homes equally beautiful.

The interior designer designed the Edmonton home she owns with her fiancé, Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid, as well as their cottage in Muskoka.

From her inspiration to work with Edmonton companies to create the Kyle & Co. collection, here’s what Kyle has to say about her work.

Lauren Kyle designed her and Connor McDavid’s homes in Edmonton and Muskoka

Kyle and McDavid’s three-storey home was built near the North Saskatchewan River Valley in Edmonton.

The couple welcomed Architectural Digest for a tour inside in 2021, and you can see for yourself how beautifully Kyle designed each room.

The house is filled with a black, white and gray color palette, a modern kitchen with a huge marble island, a home gym, a two-person sauna and a half-basketball court.

The home also has a deck that wraps around the majority of the upper floor, giving the couple a stunning view of the river valley.

Kyle says she also designed certain pieces in the home to intentionally remain hidden when not in use.

“Even our bar, we have this brass door that slides over,” she told Architectural Digest at the time. We really wanted everything to stay clean, but then we had a little bit of intrigue. Like, ‘What’s behind it?’

When we spoke with Kyle, we asked her what went into designing her home in Edmonton and her cottage in Muskoka.

“I would say the styles are very different. I’m definitely influenced by the location and the feel of the architecture,” she explained.

“I’ve kind of gone from a very modern, simplistic design (in Edmonton) to our cottage now, which is more traditional (…) and it feels very natural.”

When it comes to design tips for others decorating their homes, Kyle has a few tips to share.

“Pay attention to your surroundings, try to incorporate things that feel authentic into the space or area, and keep playing with texture and incorporating unexpected things,” she said.

Kyle and McDavid are planning a wedding at their cottage in Muskoka

Muskoka is a special place for Kyle and McDavid. Not only do they have a cabin there, it’s where the couple got engaged in June after dating for eight years.

Kyle also began her wedding celebrations in Muskoka by hosting a party for her close friends to ask them to be at her wedding.

She published a group of photos and a video clip showing the beautiful celebration at a property located on the water.

The couple plans to return to the cottage in Ontario during the upcoming NHL season in 2024 for their wedding.

Although she didn’t say exactly where the wedding would be held — Kyle said it would be at an “undisclosed location” — but she confirmed that their home would be part of it.

“We are incorporating our hut into an event as well, which will be great because we will be showcasing the new space we built,” Kyle said.

“We’ll have a welcome party there.”

Her inspiration comes from historical pieces

Kyle has loved design in some capacity since she was young and this has only developed over time.

So where does her inspiration come from?

The Edmonton business owner says she’s constantly inspired by furniture that has some history.

“I get a lot of inspiration from furniture designers who inspire me from the past, anywhere from the 1920s to the 1970s, those type of pieces,” she said.

“I’ve kind of learned to create my own version of designs and diversify them, and traveling has helped inspire me (…) and also looking at what other designers are doing in the industry and making the piece feel authentic to our brand, but also has a piece of history.”

She says Kyle & Co. She plans to release a collection every year

Kyle & Co. launched the collection in September, which was designed to “evoke timeless modernity with an emphasis on an old-world feel.”

The set includes a side table, desk, chandelier, book holder and cups.

Each product is made to order and is designer inspected before shipping.

Kyle says the team works with local makers and manufacturers in Edmonton.

“They are quality pieces because they are really good quality and use the best craftsmanship, the best quality, the best that Edmonton has to offer,” she told Narcity.

“We plan to launch a collection of exclusive furniture pieces every year.”

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This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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