Launch of the U.S. Partnership for Semiconductor Workforce Economic Prosperity Symposium: Building Technical Capacity for a Skilled Workforce in the 21st Century

Launch of the U.S. Partnership for Semiconductor Workforce Economic Prosperity Symposium: Building Technical Capacity for a Skilled Workforce in the 21st Century

In June 2022, President Biden announced the Partnership of the Americas for Economic Prosperity, or “Partnership of the Americas,” at the Ninth Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California. The Partnership of the Americas charts a way forward to address economic inequality, promote regional economic integration and quality jobs, and restore confidence in democracy by delivering services to workers throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Under President Biden’s leadership, the U.S. Department of State is committed to working with its counterparts in the Partnership of the Americas countries to explore opportunities to grow and diversify the global semiconductor ecosystem using funding from the International Technology Security and Innovation (ITSI) Fund, allocated under the CHIPS Act. by 2022. These efforts will support collaboration with countries on a range of new diplomatic and capacity-building programs to create a more resilient, secure, and sustainable global semiconductor value chain, supporting U.S. industry and capabilities.

Among the first of these efforts, the State Department plans to organize several seminars, starting in Costa Rica in February 2024, to build workforce capacity in U.S. partner countries. These symposiums will provide a forum for stakeholders, including governments, industry, organized labor and academia, to collaborate on educational programs that directly address the needs of the semiconductor industry within the larger global supply chain. These engagements will provide opportunities to build linkages between industry, community colleges, and technical institutions and identify critical workforce development needs, as well as for partners to discuss how educational programs can align with those needs, creating a pipeline of talent and recruitment from academia to industry. . The seminars will also include custom content focused on curriculum development, industry alignment, and workforce development strategies from community colleges and technical schools with programs in semiconductor technology. Ultimately, these efforts will help achieve one of the priority goals of the Partnership of the Americas, which is to enhance regional competitiveness in the semiconductor supply chain, in support of American industry and capabilities.

Hosting the first symposium in Costa Rica will also highlight the Costa Rican government’s leadership in establishing a public-private Center of Excellence under the Partnership of the Americas to provide technical training to the region in semiconductors, cybersecurity, and other high-tech areas of the digital economy. The links established through the symposium between regional technical institutions, academic partners and industry will also support the Costa Rica Centre.

In August 2022, President Biden signed the CHIPES Act of 2022, a US law that allocated new funding to promote domestic manufacturing and semiconductor research in the United States. The CHIPS Act of 2022 established the ITSI Fund, which provides the U.S. Department of State with $500 million ($100 million annually over five years, beginning in FY 2023) to promote the development and adoption of secure, trustworthy, and assured semiconductor communications networks. Supply chain security and diversification through new programs and initiatives with our allies and partners, to support American industry and capabilities.

More information about the ITSI Fund: The U.S. Department of State’s International Technology Security and Innovation Fund.

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