Kim Kardashian nearly popped out of her tight corset as she stepped off her private jet upon returning home from a recent flight.

Kim was seen getting off her $150 million private jet with daughter North West when the two returned home from their vacation in Japan.

Kim Kardashian was spotted getting off her $150 million private jet while returning home from her recent trip to Tokyo, Japan.Credit: Splash
The Kardashians star almost popped out of her tight black corset as she walked in front of her 10-year-old daughter, North West.Credit: Splash

In photos obtained exclusively by the US Sun, Kim, 42, is seen stepping off the Kim Air while dressed in all black.

The Kardashians star wore a tight black corset with some baggy pants.

Kim accessorized her look with a crocodile Birkin bag, black sandals, and a pair of trendy sunglasses.

She styled her hair back in a loose bun for the day of travel, while keeping the look casual and sexy at the same time.

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Behind her, North is seen wearing a red Chicago Bulls jersey and ripped jeans.

The 10-year-old smiled, making a peace sign with one hand, while holding a $7,900 Louis Vuitton cherry-embellished bag in the other.

During their girls’ trip to Japan, Kim wasn’t shy about flaunting her luxury boutiques.

The Hulu star shared a photo of herself toting a pink quilted Chanel bag and vintage necklace, captioning the snap: “Oh my gosh, I prefer shopping in Japan. I’m in my Barbie bag at @vintage_ecoland.”

The necklace, worn by Margot Robbie in the Barbie movie, is from the designer’s 1995 runway and features gold Chanel charms and multicolored crystals.

Tokyo time

Kim and North’s recent trip to Japan has been documented on social media, where they both showed off the fun moments from their lavish vacation.

This weekend, North took to TikTok with a “fitness check” style video showing off her outfit during one of her fun days.

North was seen wearing a multi-colored top with long denim shorts while accessorizing her fuzzy purse and hand-held paper fan.

North also showed off her extra-long pink braids, which had fans worried as they were shown running on the floor behind her throughout the flight.

As for Kim, the reality TV star wore a simpler look consisting of a black babydoll T-shirt and puffy jeans.

North hilariously mocked her mom’s peace sign gesture in the video as she presses her lips to the camera right after.

Kim also shared photos of the mother-daughter duo in front of a lighted bridge during one night of the trip.

The couple looked alike as they made facial expressions and gave another hello to the camera.

Kim spent a lot of time in Japan this year, especially as she was working on a personal project.

She confirmed back in April that she was designing a new spaceship-themed mansion in California, and is working with a team of architects in Japan to bring it to life.

“I met with the master himself, Tadao Ando, ​​to review and discuss the dream project we’ve been working on for the past two years,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

North was seen wearing an oversized Chicago Bulls T-shirt and ripped jeans while clutching a cherry-print Louis Vuitton bag.Credit: Splash
Kim and North shared glimpses of their lavish vacation in Japan on social media by uploading their “fitness checks” and shopping sprees.Credit: Splash
The mother-daughter duo looked more alike than ever as they posed the same way while spending time on a boat in front of a lighted bridge.Credit: Instagram @kimkardashian

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