• ITA Airways has added its fifth Airbus A220 to its fleet, featuring an all blue livery and various interior and cabin upgrades.
  • The A220 features 149 seats split between Business and Economy seating options, with Safran leather and USB power sockets in each seat.
  • The new aircraft offers upgrades such as improved WiFi connectivity, wider seats, a custom lighting system, larger windows, and increased overhead cargo space.

The national carrier of Italy, ITA Airways, has recently taken delivery of its first Airbus A220 in the newly released all blue livery. The aircraft entered the ITA Airways fleet on 28 August. The handover ceremony took place in Mirabell, Canada, where Airbus is headquartered for the A220 programme, before the aircraft began its ferry journey to Rome-Fiumicino. The aircraft will complete all of its preparatory tests before entering service.

Adding to the ITA Airways fleet is the Airbus A220 is the fifth variant in ITA Airlines’ fleet. In addition to the all-blue livery, the aircraft also has several interior and cabin upgrades.

Photo: ITA Airlines

The new A220 has a full cabin with 149 seats. These seats are split between business and economy level seating options. Each seat is also made of beige and blue safran leather to match the airline’s colours. USB power sockets are added to each of these seats as well.

Specifically, the interior of the new A220 was designed by Walter de Silva. De Silva says he was inspired to bring a fun, consistent ride above the clouds to the cabin. He also said that the basic concepts of aircraft interior design are comfort, elegance and simplicity. He also talked about choosing blue and beige as the dominant colors, which are natural colors made from natural materials. In addition, the headrests have the Italian flag and logo embroidered across the front.

CGI ITA A220-300 Airlines

Photo: ITA Airlines

Other cabin upgrades include improved WiFi connectivity. The service allows passengers to purchase different packages according to their needs. The new A220 also features wider seats, a customized lighting system, larger windows and more overhead storage space.

External features of the new aircraft

The new aircraft received by ITA Airways is an A220-300. The new aircraft features updates that result in a lighter and quieter cabin. In addition, the new model offers a 25% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This is compared to previous versions of the Airbus A220. These upgrades are in line with ITA Airlines’ sustainability plan.

The airline aims to reduce its fleet by 90% of new generation aircraft by 2027. Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director of ITA Airways Francesco Presicci spoke about the new aircraft. mentioned,

“The A220 will enable the airline to strengthen its domestic and international network and represents another step in our strategy to build a new fleet that is more fuel efficient and more sustainable with pioneering technologies that will improve efficiency, service quality and significantly reduce flying costs. Carbon footprint,

“With the arrival of the Airbus A321neo by the end of this year, ITA Airways’ fleet will include all of the latest generation Airbus families. I would like to thank all the team involved in the project for their commitment to this prestigious and desirable aircraft, and a challenging achievement.”

The A220-300 has a range of approximately 3,450 nautical miles, which is an ideal size for domestic and European travel markets. ITA Airways plans to use this aircraft in its domestic and international network. Specifically, the airline will look to use aircraft from Rome Fiumicino (FC) and Milan Linate (LIN) to Genoa (GOA), Turin (TRN), Naples (NAP), Geneva (GVA), Zurich (ZRH) and Munich. (MOQ).

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