Inside the bizarre real estate portfolio of David and Victoria Beckham

Inside the bizarre real estate portfolio of David and Victoria Beckham

The kitchen has black and white tables and countertops, and a black six-burner stove that David personally cleans every time he cooks. “It’s very clean because I clean it so well,” he tells the videographer in the second episode of the Netflix series. “I’m not sure my wife has much appreciation for this,” he jokes.

Upstairs, David’s high-ceilinged dressing room has been preserved as carefully as the kitchen. The floor-to-ceiling white paneled built-in wardrobes with built-in lighting were arranged by David himself with professional precision. “It’s all quite organised,” the former midfielder says of his closets in the docuseries. When the doors open, a top and bottom row of neatly laid out clothes appear, hung in an order of “jackets, jeans, T-shirts, and then you go from blouses, jackets, to shirts,” David says of the first closet. Below, slender drawers of dark wood separately hold uniformly folded underwear, neatly folded stuffed socks, and folded shirts placed in tiered, color-coded piles. Other closets display button-down shirts hung by color at the top, suit jackets at the bottom, while another closet holds jeans and slacks.


Like most wealthy English people, Victoria and David bought a proper country house in the Cotswolds, the quintessential English countryside known for attracting British royalty and celebrities. They spent $7.6 million converting three Grade II listed farmhouses into one nine-bedroom building, and used antlers mounted on the exposed brick walls to give it a real country feel. With the help of British landscaper Marcus Barnett, the Peckhams made extensive improvements to the grounds, creating a “natural” lake-shaped swimming hole filled with recycled water, adding an apiary, and planting gardens, meadows, fields, and an orchard housing 23 species. of trees, and the addition of a tennis court that was transformed into a soccer field complete with bleachers. “I wanted a place we could escape,” David says as he walks around the property early in the morning in the third episode of the docu-series.

The Beckhams also added an outdoor pool, a traditional Estonian sauna, a hot tub and a plunge pool. One outlet even reported that the couple had filed applications with the county to create another escape tunnel. There’s also a $61,000 luxury version of a safari-style tent set up near the swimming hole, with all the trappings of an outdoor kitchen, including a stainless steel charcoal-burning stove that can also be used as a dining table. “On Saturday morning, I was walking around this place,” David says of the tent in the docuseries. “I love it. I’m here from about 11 until 9 p.m., 10 p.m., and later sometimes, just barbecuing.”

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