In Mesnil-Esnard, the multi-purpose room project does not satisfy everyone

In Mesnil-Esnard, the multi-purpose room project does not satisfy everyone

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over the last Municipal Council Mesnil Esnard, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime), the city’s mayor, Jean-Marc Venin, pointed out that Future multi-purpose room projectinstead ofOld fire stationwas going well and the chosen architect had to draw up the final plans, because “the complaints had been met.”

The analysis may be a bit quick, because Some localsAllée des Roses and Avenue Pasteur Want presentation, edits, “And to be respected.”

At a minimum, privacy windows

One concerned resident believes that his garden, balcony and swimming pool will overlook the windows of the community rooms: “For three years, we have not really agreed on the importance of the project, and for the last municipal elections, the candidate Jean-Marc Vinin guaranteed us the opening of consultation. For two years, everything went well. We have made proposals to avoid being overlooked, reduce heights and reduce parking. In principle, the project seemed coherent to me. The municipal police could have stayed in the city center, and the library could have been closer to the school: that is their choice,” says the person concerned.

“The number of rooms is very large and the building is huge”

He then points out that Jean-Marc Venin, after becoming mayor of the city, always promised that there would be no such reversal. “The problem is that there are too many rooms and that makes the building huge,” says a local resident who points out that he only discovered the top floor during a presentation made by the municipal council in January 2023:

The windows are located directly into the gardens. We ran simulations. We have suggested solutions such as 1m70 windows or even privacy glass. He says no, because people need to see the outside. The last discussion ended with: We will do what we decide! In addition, the value of our homes will be reduced.

A local resident

The parking entrance is opposite the village hall

On the other hand, on Avenue Pasteur, one resident is not satisfied either. It must be said that it will be the immediate neighbor of the future building.

“I have asked the city council, since there are four parking entrances and exits on this part of Avenue Pasteur, to put one for the multi-purpose room on Avenue de Perez to avoid traffic saturation. In his last email, the mayor assured me that it will remain on Avenue Pasteur, But just a few meters away. It’s over, there’s nothing more to say! Plus, I want the first building to be 5 meters away from my house, not 3.80 metres. I make fun of its green wall and sloping roof. I want to keep some sun. Either way, we still “Waiting for the plans. We’re not against him building, but it’s very close.”

Without discussion, the locals decided to take refuge

A resident of the Allée des Roses believes that “this is not the advice of a mayor who claims to be close to his residents.” We want him to hear us, not just his deputy who says that if it were him, the work would have begun long ago. Ask him to respect the local people. We want to see the final plans, run simulations, and maybe meet the architect one day. Otherwise, we will hire a lawyer and appeal to the Administrative Court. “It is unfortunate, because we have been open to discussion and there is still time to make these changes.”

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