I’m a big fan of Dollar Tree – 8 Ways to Fake a High-End Look for $1.25

I’m a big fan of Dollar Tree – 8 Ways to Fake a High-End Look for $1.25

Savvy shoppers know that Dollar Tree is home to a plethora of excellent finds at a cheap price.

They also know that just because most store items are $1.25, doesn’t mean they can’t look upscale.

A Dollar Tree fan named Kathryn Snearly shared the finds she needs to create an upscale look in your homeCredit: YouTube/@do it for a dime
One of Snearly’s finds was a Dollar Tree fabric organizer, which she used to store her puzzlesCredit: YouTube/@do it for a dime

Dollar Tree fanatic Katherine Snearly of the “Do it On a Dime” YouTube channel revealed eight different ways to get this luxurious look using different items from the Dollar Tree.

Fabric organization boxes

First, Snearly was excited to showcase Dollar Tree’s fabric organizing bins.

The boxes feature a clear plastic lid so you can see exactly what’s inside, plus your items won’t get dusty.

The boxes come in light pink and navy blue and will only cost you $1.25 each, Snearly said.

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For extra flair, Snearly used an iron label from Etsy to label her puzzle basket.

External wall decor

Next, Snearly grabbed two garden signs and a wreath for a quick and easy DIY wall sign.

“I cut and broke the edges and then dried some gray paint and tied them together with some zip ties,” she explained.

“The paint gives it a little dimension and makes it look rustic, and then I attached the wreath with two additional zip ties.

“I love how this turned out!”

Snearly’s finished product looked like it was straight out of HomeGoods and served as a great finishing touch to her yard.

Hanging planter

Crochet planters are the latest decor trend, and fortunately, you can get this look on the cheap thanks to Dollar Tree.

She grabbed one of the many pots from the store, as well as macrame rope and a suction cup to create her own hanging planter.

“Dollar Tree suction cups are great, especially on glass surfaces,” Snearly said.

“It’s very elegant, and it’s a very large piece that you can make yourself and you won’t have to spend a lot of time on it.”

Wooden organizations

For those who love drinking coffee or tea, Snearly has the perfect Dollar Tree project to carry all your goodies in a luxurious way.

From the handicrafts section of the store, the expert brought some pieces of wood and some small wooden boxes.

“You can glue them together, paint them, or stain them,” he explained sarcastically.

“I just used hot glue for this project, but you can also use an e6000 and add the containers at an angle and I also decided to give them a quick label with my Cricut.”

Once you’re done gluing, you’ll have an organizer that will neatly organize all your tea bags or bath products.

security cameras

Home security systems don’t come cheap, but you can fake the look of one thanks to a $1.25 product at Dollar Tree.

She bought one of these cameras herself and placed it directly above her front door.

Although the camera is not actually working, it does have a flashing red light, giving the impression of a working video camera to potential intruders.

Fabric cushions

Next, one Dollar Tree super fan took a few rolls of fabric to make her own outdoor pillows.

“This is perfect for summer and updating your space on a budget,” Snearly said.

To make throw pillows easy, Snearly explained: “These pillows require no skill. Buy two pieces of fabric, lay them ugly side down, and add a little hot glue…

“Leave one side open and then you’ll turn it inside out so it looks like a seam and then add the batting.”

The batting was badly used from an old stuffed animal and then glued and sealed.

Bedding organizing boxes

For another upscale look on the cheap, Snearly made more organizing boxes but this time using $1.25 fabric placemats.

I simply took a placemat, folded it in half, and then folded the side up.

She then taped the top of the rug together, folded the bottom into a T shape, and taped it closed.

After turning the basket inside out, Snearly was left with a modern basket perfectly designed to hold bath towels or as a plant holder.

Wall decals

Finally, head to Dollar Tree’s wall decals for an easy and cheap finishing touch to your home decor.

“One of the ones I really like is this really cute succulent,” Snearly said.

“How much fun can it be for only $1.25?”

One Dollar Tree fan used her succulent decals under her shelves to add extra style.

Dollar Tree pro created her own wall decor with a wreath and garden signsCredit: YouTube/@do it for a dime
Create another organizer using handmade wooden blocks and boxes from Dollar TreeCredit: YouTube/@do it for a dime
She made her own towel holders from Dollar Tree cloth doiliesCredit: YouTube/@do it for a dime

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