A tiny space dweller took her tiny home and made it a farm – and kid-friendly one.

Life on the little lane took on a whole new meaning when the family transformed the house to better suit their needs.

The small farm owner has learned to prioritize function above her design aestheticCredit: mytinyfarmhouse/TikTok
The fully equipped kitchen has all the comforts of homeCredit: mytinyfarmhouse/TikTok

Welcome to our site small farm. It’s not aesthetic but real!” explained the woman behind it (@mytinyfarmhouse).

The homeowner — who ditched city life for the slow pace of country — made sure to prioritize function over the sole appeal of design.

The spacious outdoor patio has furniture and a small trampoline, proving that fun comes first in this family.

The space may have been small, but it had all the comforts of home – and her boys had enough space to play.

The fully equipped kitchen features marble countertops, while the small living area includes a sofa and flat-screen TV.

The functional bathroom takes no space and serves double purpose, serving as a laundry room with washer and dryer.

The boys bunk room fit all the basics, while the master bedroom was on the minimalist side but still contained all the essentials.

One fan of the tiny home tour disagreed with the homeowner about her feelings about the space’s design.

“It’s all aesthetic!” The viewer commented on what he considered to be the high quality interiors.

Whatever the first floor lacked, the play area upstairs had enough room for her two children to relax.

Filled with lots of toys and video games, they were definitely living a luxurious life in the loft.

Other curious followers wanted to know who made the plans for the functional farm: “Did you make this or did someone make it for you? That’s beautiful.”

“We had it custom designed by Stone Canyon Homes!” The homeowner happily informed the curious observer.

One fan of the tiny house praised the house — and she also had her own question: “This is amazing! How much did the final build of the tiny house cost?”

“Our total was 100,000 at the end, but it was worth it,” the country-dweller commented, even if the space didn’t quite fit her aesthetic.

The couple who traded city life for country life haven’t looked back since designing their small spaceCredit: mytinyfarmhouse/TikTok
The mum seemed so happy that her boys were able to relax in the spacious loft areaCredit: mytinyfarmhouse/tiktok
Kids had lots of games in their designated areaCredit: mytinyfarmhouse/tiktok
The bathroom also served as the laundry roomCredit: mytinyfarmhouse/tiktok
The bunk beds were functional – but the fun stuff was stored in the loftCredit: mytinyfarmhouse/tiktok
The living area has a sofa and a flat-screen TV for a comfortable lifeCredit: mytinyfarmhouse/tiktok

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