I am an expert in home decor

I am an expert in home decor

Keeping your home bright and cozy can be a little difficult in the winter months.

The clocks went back last week, which means that as winter approaches, we’re getting fewer daylight hours.

Experts from Valaspar shared their tips on how to make your home brighter in winterCredit: Getty

Many of us suffer from long, dark nights that make everything feel a little gloomy.

Not only that, it can also leave you with disturbed sleep patterns, moods, and diets.

But an interior design expert has shared his five tips for making your home lighter and brighter this winter in a bid to beat the gloom.

You can make a few simple changes to keep your home looking fresh, explained Sarah Lloyd, of Valspar Painting.

1. Set up your lighting

It may seem obvious, but Sarah revealed that where you place your lights can make a big difference.

She recommends using a specific “layering” technique for best results.

“Perhaps the most obvious way to make a dark room brighter is to add more artificial lighting, an especially important tactic if you don’t have many windows or have north-facing windows,” Sarah said.

“Layering light is an important step to bring in more light in the winter, and wall and floor lamps, table side lamps, and decorative lights (such as fairy lights and candles) are all great ways to bring in more light without creating a harsh or sterile interior.”

2. Choose colors carefully

Making sure you choose the right colors for your home is also an important step in ensuring it feels bright.

Experts suggest: “Although dark paint colors in rooms that don’t receive a lot of natural light are all the rage, they will work against you in the coming months.

“Light paint colors are an easy way to diffuse light or create the illusion of an airy space.

“Try a soft cream color on your walls or a shade of white with orange and yellow undertones to mimic a sunlit look in the home.”

Sarah’s simple mirror trick can brighten up any roomCredit: Getty

3. Mirrors

You may not have thought about this, but experts say a mirror can go a long way in brightening up a room.

Sarah advises: “To get the most out of your decorating mirrors, you should place them in positions that reflect as much light as possible.

“In rooms with windows, for example, mirrors should be hung next to or on the opposite wall to return light throughout the room when it first enters.”

Adding some plants can make a big differenceCredit: Getty Images – Getty

4. Greenery

Another way to keep your home bright and fresh during the winter is to bring in some greenery.

Plants and flowers can add a lively touch to any room and make it look more textured.

“Adding some plants and flowers to the home provides a touch of life, making the space look more lively and textured,” the experts revealed.

“If natural light is a big issue in your home, choose faux plants or plants that don’t require as much light exposure (like snake plants and Chinese evergreens).”

5. Change the color of your furniture

If you have dark furniture in your home, it stands to reason that it will make the room appear darker as a result.

But Sarah told you you don’t need to go out and replace all your hardwood furniture.

All you need is a little paint to give it a new and brighter look.

“Large, dark furniture eats up the light and space within the room,” she said.

“Give any piece of furniture a seasonal update by switching from dark colors to lighter, warmer colors.

“This can be done by painting cabinets, tables and chairs in light colours.

“With this trick, the feeling of lightness in the room increases immediately.”

Experts advise that cream-based colors are best for brightening up any spaceCredit: Getty

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