How to find (and style) the perfect cozy white

How to find (and style) the perfect cozy white

Decorating in white is a timeless classic. The light it brings into a space and the sense of calm it can induce is what makes it a popular paint color, not to mention that it makes a room appear larger. White is also the number one choice as part of the neutral and minimalist aesthetic that we are all striving for right now in hopes of achieving calm homes and peaceful minds. Choosing a palette of white can have this effect, however, there is an art to choosing the right shade, and there is a risk that the space will look too cold and clinical if we get it wrong.

Even though we love the minimalist look, we still want to maintain a warm and cozy feeling in our homes. Choosing any old white won’t do it. We’re looking for a creamy, off-white color that exudes a soft, natural beauty, not a stark aesthetic. I spoke to paint and design experts to get their advice on how to choose the most comforting white and what to pair it with for a warm and welcoming paint idea.

1. Choose the right shade

White bedroom with high ceiling, plant and art

(Image credit: Ryan Garvin. Design: Brandon Architects and Brooke Wagner Design)

White color has the ability to soothe the soul and is very soothing when used in the right shade, especially when used for white living room ideas. “Warm whites like creamy beige are usually very welcoming and balanced colors,” explains Sue Wadden, color expert at Sherwin-Williams.

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