I moved into a new apartment on July 1st. At this point, you’ve identified all the big necessary items – chairs, tables, desk, etc. Now, comes the fun part: the finishing touches, the things that make the home truly yours. I’m talking art, vases, coffee table books, and of course pillows. Often times, throw pillows are viewed as redundant, an unnecessary addition. I strongly disagree. Throw a couple of unique pillows on an all-white bed, and suddenly you’ll be interested.

I’m looking for a range of possibilities. Washes of solid colors and loud prints interest me because they will serve vastly different purposes in my space. I know what I want, but finding them is the hardest part. A lot of it is, well, ugly. Instead of starting on e-commerce sites, I start my journey on Instagram and Pinterest. My personal favorite sources of inspiration are Beata Heuman, Picnicforlunch, The World of Interiors, The London List, Harris Vintage, Alex Eagle’s occasional interiors publications, Simay Demirel, Ash World and Charles Gmagne. I’ll find pictures of rooms I like (with an abundance of pillows, of course), and type a description of the pillow in question into Google.

Pinterest is easier. (Just scroll through my inner Pinterest board if you want to see the true inner contents of my mind.) I’ll often find inspirational images that I love and then visually search for them on Pinterest and let my journey begin there. It’s an imperfect process, but it sometimes results in gems. If I’ve piqued your interest now, keep scrolling to read about my personal throw pillow journey.

Striped cotton velvet ottoman pillow

I wasn’t familiar with this brand before I started my research, but now I’m completely obsessed. I’m hovering over the buy button for this particular bolster pillow, but honestly, most of their offerings appeal to me — and I’m tempted, too.

Christina Lundstein

Silky velvet ikat pillow

Les Ottomans Ikat Silk Velvet Cushion

I love the very feminine colors of this pillow from Les Ottomans. This print will go against the clean line feel I usually gravitate towards in the perfect way.

The Ottomans

Mayfair Standard Sham

Maatouk Mayfair Standard Cham

I love the way crisp white bedding looks with clean blue borders—especially when placed against any wacky Art Deco furniture I’m adding to the room. And Matouk is the gold standard here (I’ve tried their towels but feel like getting my hands on some bed linen).


Sheer blue striped pillow

Tecla clear blue striped cushion

I’m really drawn to sheets and covers that reflect the vibe of traditional men’s pajamas. I know this isn’t technically a pillow, but it was also part of my journey — bed sheets and all.


Abstract print pillow

Pucci abstract print pillow

While I am not currently In a position to drop this much on a throw pillow, I can’t help but be obsessed with this psychedelic style.


Washed organic velvet cushion cover

Box and barrel washed organic cotton pillowcase

Not every throw pillow has to be weird or wacky. I have two of these dark green velvet cushions on my slightly off-white sofa and love the simple contrast – they tie in my green and white striped chair perfectly.

Crate and barrel

Outdoor brick cushion cover

Tiiliskivi outdoor cushion cover Marimekko

Marimekko is the forever queen of prints and for good reason. I love the simplicity of this pattern. Additionally, they chose the perfect shades of blue and green.


Green cotton fabric pillow

Tanner Fletcher Green Cotton Canvas Pillow

The aesthetic of Tanner Fletcher’s clothing calls to me, as does the printed gingham throw pillow.

Tanner Fletcher

Manya Saffron Bamboo Pillow

Saffron Obsession Bamboo Pillow Gergei Erdei

I love Gergei Erdei’s style, so of course I love his designs too. I’m currently coveting this dandelion pillow, but I’m also looking forward to these adorable plates.

Gergey Erde

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