Proudly calling itself ‘The Exotic Hotel’, Hotel Marqí is the latest secluded hideaway in the Portuguese resort of Sintra, created by Danish photographer and former fashion brand owner Mikkel Christensen. Having closed his label, Christensen was considering venturing into the hotel business when he stumbled across the 1980s mansion that was a famous civil architect and weekend party host’s hideaway.

“With its dark, cozy lobby and lush garden, it reminded me of Marmont, and the hills down to the beach also reminded me of California,” Christensen says. “The house had a lot of feel and character.”

(Image credit: Mikkel Christensen)

Together with architect and artist Mikas Emil, Christensen set about transforming the home into an eight-bedroom boutique hotel that combined the mid-century modern style beloved in his hometown of Copenhagen with the Hollywood aesthetic of the 1970s.

The result is a comfortable yet carefully curated space where simplicity contrasts with playful jolts of color across vintage finds, like the parlor’s emerald-green curved sofa, or the orange tubular dining chairs.

Interior design of the Marche Hotel, photographed by Mikkel Christensen

(Image credit: Mikkel Christensen)

While a few coordinating elements, such as counters made of local marble, tie everything together, thanks to a green bathtub or a red chair, each room has its own personality. Guests can enjoy their own private balcony or terrace, which either overlooks the vintage car collection in the driveway or the sunny garden and bougainvillea-framed pool.

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