Home Show 2023: Consider porcelain tiles for an elegant interior

Home Show 2023: Consider porcelain tiles for an elegant interior

Do you know the difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles? These two flooring materials have distinct characteristics that can greatly impact the design and functionality of your living spaces.

While ceramic tiles are made from a mixture of clay, minerals and water, porcelain tiles are made from a soft clay called kaolin or kaolinite and are fired at extremely high temperatures. If you need to learn more about each tile so you can make an informed decision about your dream home, consider visiting the Home and Building Show, scheduled for Saturday, November 25 and Sunday, November 26, at the Kololo Ceremonial Grounds. The entry fee to the exhibition is just Sh10,000, giving you access to free training sessions on innovations and opportunities in real estate, housing and construction.

Among the reasons why Vision Group chose the topic: Innovations, standards and opportunities The aim of the upcoming exhibition was to give show-goers an opportunity to interact with sector players who have new innovations to showcase for the betterment of the construction industry. For example, if you are considering tiling the floor and walls, it is wise to choose the best materials that fit your budget. For a more elegant look, you can opt for porcelain tile, says Stefano Antonetti, managing director of Casabella Homeware, an exhibitor at the show located in the 4th Street Industrial Park. In fact, those who will visit the exhibition will have the opportunity to interact with Casabella Homeware and have a variety of tiles to choose from.

According to him, when it comes to choosing the perfect tiles for your home or business, understanding the differences between ceramic and porcelain tiles is crucial.

Porcelain is not as common as ceramic. However, it is an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, tableware, and other spaces that require strength and stain resistance. It is also not easy to damage and can work well in outdoor spaces.

Ceramic tiles are kiln-fired at low temperatures, making them more porous, resulting in a higher water absorption rate. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are made from a fine clay called kaolin or kaolinite, plus additives, such as quartz and high-density feldspar, which are fired at extremely high temperatures. This process results in denser, less porous tiles thus reducing the water absorption rate to approximately 0%.

Moreover, porcelain tiles are harder, denser and more durable. They are also less prone to chipping and scratching, making them ideal for high-traffic areas; Ceramic tile is generally more suitable for low-traffic areas due to its softer composition. “Choosing between ceramic and porcelain tiles depends on your specific needs and budget,” he stresses.

Disadvantages of porcelain and maintenance

For general maintenance, sweep and clean the floor with a damp mop once a week, depending on how high traffic is in the area. For a more thorough cleaning, use a non-abrasive cleanser and warm water. Do not use acidic or bleaching detergents. Tamar Qyoumjian, interior designer at Vee Gallery, says that as a professional interior designer, she looks for quality, which is why she chooses Casabella tiles. “I’ve never been disappointed,” she says. Visitors to the Vision Group event will receive just Sh10,000, which will guarantee them access to free panel discussions and workshops on everything related to homes and construction.

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