Henning Larsen designs Europe’s largest timber logistics center for best-selling books | News

Henning Larsen designs Europe’s largest timber logistics center for best-selling books |  News


Photo courtesy Henning Larsen

Photo courtesy Henning Larsen

Henning Larsen has unveiled designs for a new timber logistics center project in Lelystad on the island of Flevopolder in the Netherlands.

The project includes a restaurant with a roof garden and staff terrace and boasts several sustainable credentials, including reserving 40% of the total 70-acre site for landscaping and wildlife habitat. A further 10% increase in overall biodiversity will also be achieved through its realization. The company says its construction is driven by circular economy principles and a desire to create a fairer business environment linked to reduced emissions.

Photo courtesy Henning Larsen

For the design of the Logistics Center West (LCW), Henning Larsen proposes creating a network of wetlands covering the site, supported by a high-tech irrigation system that will also help mitigate the effects of flooding and harvest rainwater while preventing off-site pollution from commercial activities. The large 1.66 million square foot logistics center covers a 331,022 square foot rooftop garden. The three-story arched building is 1,826 feet tall and designed to accommodate more than 500 workers.

“The wetland habitat and the rooftop meadow are two key components designed to promote biodiversity. This intentional incorporation of nature into the workspace creates a unique atmosphere where employees can connect with the natural world, enhancing well-being and productivity. “We are confident that we will be able to connect with the environment,” said Sonja Stockmar, Director of Global Landscape Design at Henning Larsen. , in a statement: “However, it is important to its success that not every area is accessible to people to ensure nature flourishes unhindered by human activity.”

The company’s explorations into mass timber have recently spurred designs for the University of the Faroe Islands, a Volvo World headquarters project in Sweden, and another mixed-use development described as “the world’s largest urban timber construction project” in 2016. Stockholm.

LCW will also set precedents as the largest timber logistics hub in Europe. The project client is Bestseller, the fashion giant that made international headlines in 2017 for its 1,049-foot-tall Dorte Mandrup-designed headquarters tower in the rural Danish village of Brandy that would be the tallest skyscraper in Western Europe if built.

Photo courtesy Henning Larsen

Photo courtesy Henning Larsen

“As sustainability becomes a key driver of design, the fundamental elements of our industry are changing. But we still have a lot to teach and learn, as we reshape “The huge environmental impact of our industry.” “Confronting this footprint can be alarming. But it also holds a wealth of opportunities. An opportunity perspective led us to embark on an exploratory and collaborative journey to transform our footprint.

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