Gorgeous terracotta-coloured kitchen for a Dandenongs family home

Gorgeous terracotta-coloured kitchen for a Dandenongs family home

The family home of Jeremy Wurtzman, owner of Jacky Winter Group, sits on 10 acres and contains multiple buildings, but somehow the existing spatial layout was inadequate.

The kitchen, which was located right at the entrance, became a huge avenue; The family meals area felt cramped. The formal hexagon-shaped living and dining area was large and difficult to furnish.

Jeremy worked with architect Stephanie Kitingan, co-founder of Placement, to design Jacky Winter’s offices (when she was previously at Nest Architects), so they teamed up again to transform his family home in Selby, which straddles the Yarra and Dandenong mountain ranges. .

“The original brief was just to look at the kitchen and make it the center of the home rather than an afterthought, but of course, they came back with some more ambitious ideas that were too good to explore further!” Jeremy says.

While the cosmetic renovation focused largely on carpentry, the process of improving the oddly shaped space was complex. “The whole exercise was very technical in some ways, in terms of how to take this very oddly shaped room and reshape it for multiple purposes and needs,” explains Jeremy.

The placement has flipped the space layout, converting the existing kitchen into an entry foyer and bedroom, and placing the new kitchen, dining and living area in a hexagonal space, making better use of the asymmetric plan.

The new joinery elements act as partitions to define the use, without losing the connection between the common spaces.

Victoria’s Dandenong Range is often cold and wet, so Jeremy wanted the interior to feel “desert-like”.

“It’s hard to see in the pictures, but the house itself is set in the middle of 10 acres of bushland, and the whole front area of ​​the house overlooks this amazing green space, so it was important to have a way to compensate for that,” he says.

“I think I was also watching heaps of.” Better Call Saul at the time and was really inspired by the set design and overall palette of New Mexico. I think this played a big role.

The placement references this aesthetic in the use of Moroccan Laminex clay in all the joinery pieces.

The architects also drew inspiration from Memphis design that plays with shape, pattern and bold color.

“A custom kidney-shaped dining table was designed for the new dining area to make it easier to ‘bend’ this space, as its shape nods to the playful shapes of the Memphis design movement,” says Stephanie.

The house now does what it is asked to do – flexible as needed without feeling too big or too small – and looks very good while doing it!

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