Getting your house redone for Diwali?

Getting your house redone for Diwali?

There are many stressful decisions that characterize midlife, but none more so than buying furniture and painting the walls. In simpler times, in my father’s day, this wouldn’t have been a big deal. She kept ceramic crockery, the expensive kind she had never used, in glass boxes in the living room. Storage vessels such as almirah, usually of Godrej or Raj and Raj, which housed everything from clothes to family jewellery, were chosen based on the thickness of the steel. This of course made sense because its purpose was to demonstrate protection against the “acid” that all thieves carry, according to urban legend.
Not that displaying family crockery in the living room made similarly much sense. However, my generation knows better than to ask adults questions. However, the conventions of interior design were well established: a money plant next to the sofa, a vase on the coffee table, a framed photo of the Mona Lisa on the wall next to Rabindranath Tagore, all things people were judged on. Their choice of furniture and design was not one of them.

Fast forward to today. YouTube and insidious television have implanted into our collective minds an aesthetic, driven by influencers at furniture and paint companies, about what well-designed living spaces should look like. So, no, you can’t paint all the walls the same shade; That would be very economical. You need accent walls, one wall painted in a completely different way, so yes, buy a completely useless can of paint or five.

You also can’t get all the furniture pieces color-coordinated and buy them from the same store for a huge discount; That would be “identical”, which seems like a huge mistake worthy of ridicule. Things have to be mismatched to give an organic feel to life, but no, not this way; Lots of color everywhere and it’s “ha ha, what were they thinking!” There should be multiple textures, some colors are considered comfortable and others are not, and if you’re wondering about the science behind it, there is none; This is what the brown suits in the boardroom want to instill in the hive mind so that what they want you to think becomes what you think.

Somewhere across the depths of time, a mass-printed Mona Lisa on a generally blue-painted wall smiles sweetly at the folly of the age.



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