George Oweijan is a passionate architect and interior designer who translates ideas and opinions into shapes and spaces, with keen attention to detail and a commitment to perfection.

The use of artificial intelligence has revolutionized my creative work in interior design and architecture, enabling me to visualize, craft and create architectural wonders. With the help of technology and design, Georges Oweijan has explored uncharted territory, bringing imaginative ideas to life in unique ways.

George Oweijan considers the conceptual stage of problem solving to be the most important. This is where creativity sprouts and ideas emerge. Midjourney’s AI tools in particular played a pivotal role. These AI solutions amplified his brainstorming process, with Midjourney’s intuitive interface and ability to create diverse designs that stimulate his imagination beyond conventional boundaries.

George Owijan

One notable project that demonstrates the transformative impact of AI is the Beirut Port Explosion Memorial Design. The project requires sensitivity and innovation to capture the enormity and complex emotions of the tragedy. Medjourney has emerged as a creative partner, translating pain, resilience and hope into architectural expressions. The AI-generated concepts quickly explored several narratives, allowing it to select one that deeply resonated with the monument’s core.

The value of AI extends beyond concept generation, proving indispensable to solving complex design challenges. In Lebanon, a world brimming with architectural possibilities but intertwined with challenges, artificial intelligence has become its compass. The ability of AI to analyze data and predict potential design problems has enabled proactive solutions. This predictive prowess has simplified his process and cemented his reputation for innovative problem-solving designs.

George Owijan

Midjourney’s AI consistency has been pivotal in moving projects seamlessly from exterior architecture to interior design. Achieving harmony and cohesion across designs created by artificial intelligence has redefined its perception of spatial dynamics and population interaction. AI’s understanding of human behavior and preferences enables environments to evoke emotions and meet unique needs.

Reflecting on his journey, AI tools, especially Midjourney, have become an essential extension of his creative mind. According to Oweijan, they expanded the horizons of his imagination, giving them functional, sympathetic and innovative designs. The Beirut Port Explosion Memorial and many other Lebanese projects embody the vision and expertise of artificial intelligence capable of making architectural dreams come true while meeting real-world challenges. And with the continuous development of artificial intelligence, the future promises more exciting possibilities, constantly enhancing the convergence of design, architecture, and human experience.

*This text was provided by George Oweijan and reviewed by the PA editorial team.

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