From colorful pumpkins to fake spider webs, easy last-minute Halloween decorations

From colorful pumpkins to fake spider webs, easy last-minute Halloween decorations

Even though Halloween is only a few days away, there’s still some time to put your home — big or small — back in the spooky spirit.

On the weekend before Halloween, people may choose to attend a house party or small get-together instead of a night out at the bars. Or maybe Halloween fans have already decorated their front yard with a giant skeleton and an inflatable pumpkin, preparing for the kids who will be trick-or-treating on Tuesday.

However, when you live in a house that is not very spacious and does not have a front or backyard, your decorating opportunities are limited. For example, you may not have anywhere in your apartment to put the three-foot-tall skeleton you saw online, or the famous Lewis Lantern, a towering eight-foot lantern sold in Target stores nationwide for $180.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean it’s too late to bring decorations that fit the theme of the season into your home.

Here are some easy last-minute decorations you can make at your home in time for Halloween.

Painted pumpkins

    (Getty Images/iStockPhoto)

(Getty Images/iStockPhoto)

For this decoration, you have to do some of your own artwork. You can start by going to your local supermarket to pick your own pumpkin – which can be as large or small as you wish. Then get a kit of acrylic paint, which usually costs about $10, from your local craft store.

Whether it’s a little face or a huge black cat, draw what you want on your pumpkin, before choosing a place to stay. Although you may not place it at the front of your house — if you live in an apartment building — you can place it on a wide window sill or next to your front door.

Painted pumpkins will also last longer in your home than carved pumpkins, which generally tend to spoil within three to five days. Meanwhile, uncarved pumpkins last anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks, so you can keep your colorful pumpkins until the end of fall.


Whether it’s above your front door frame or above your living room windows, inexpensive wall decor can go a long way. For example, you can buy a black wreath made from fake leaves for $17.99 on Amazon. You can also get your money’s worth for the wreath by keeping it in your home throughout the fall, or at least until Thanksgiving. In addition, there are also typical wreaths made from tinsel, including one black and purple option on Amazon — selling for $9.99 — that features LEDs.

Hanging ghosts

With the help of some control strips on your wall, you can decorate any small entryway with a collection of hanging ghosts. More specifically, there’s a set of three cloth ghosts with spooky faces — each of which comes with LED witch hats — selling on Amazon for $9.99.

Window decals

Although they may be a little small, these Halloween themed gel stickers are the perfect addition to any window in your home. Most are usually black and orange, with designs including a ghost, haunted house, moon, pumpkin, and even a design that says “Happy Halloween.” Amazon currently sells a set of 10 stickers for $6.99.

Paper bats

    (Getty Images/iStockPhoto)

(Getty Images/iStockPhoto)

As with window clings, there are other decal options that can be placed in different rooms in your home. For example, Amazon sells a set of 120 black paper bat stickers, and you can also stretch the bats’ wings before applying them — to make them look like they’re flying. The bat pack, which comes in various sizes, is currently selling for $7.99

Fake spider webs

Cotton spider webs are probably one of the easiest ways to decorate your home for the spooky holiday. After taking out a piece of spider webs, you can simply place it on your kitchen counter, window, above your bedroom door, or even the back of your sofa. Amazon is currently selling 300 feet of spider webs — along with 30 plastic spiders — for $4.99.

Orange and black tablecloths

For this product, you don’t necessarily have to buy a Halloween-themed product. Any orange, black, or yellow tablecloth will fit not only into the Halloween aesthetic but also into the fall season. Once the fabric is placed on your living room table, you can finish decorating by simply adding a bowl of candy.

However, if you’re looking for something more specific, Amazon sells an orange tablecloth with black spider web designs for $13.99.

Mason jars filled with candy

    (Getty Images/iStockPhoto)

(Getty Images/iStockPhoto)

This decoration is probably the easiest of all, as it simply consists of grabbing a Mason jar – or any old glass container with a lid – and placing some wrapped candy pieces inside. Since Halloween is the best time to put candy out, you can finally decorate your tables or kitchen counters with these jars.

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