Fresh greens help spruce up your Christmas decor

Fresh greens help spruce up your Christmas decor

Decorating with live greenery for Christmas has long been a tradition cherished by families around the world.

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly cut evergreen branches when you walk into the house at Christmas time. It seems to bring back memories of Christmases past.

There are many ways you can incorporate fresh vegetables into your holiday decorating. The use of evergreen branches and trees is one of the longest-running Christmas traditions.

Year-round green foliage provides us with a sign of hope to carry us through the winter and into the new year.

Outdoors, there are countless uses for greenery and one of the greatest things is that you don’t have to compromise on your style to do it.

Whether you enjoy more modern, simple design lines, a more classic look, or a very natural jungle look, you can achieve the style you want with fresh greenery.

There is the traditional use of porch planters at the front entrance, wreaths on the door and wreaths around the door and windows and home decoration.

Also think about other areas where you might add a little holiday cheer — areas that are still focal from inside the house such as outside a patio door or an area visible from a kitchen window.

Green plants used in planters with soil usually stay fresh and look good well into the winter – sometimes even as late as March.

Other outdoor decorations that are not placed in the soil, such as wreaths, wreaths and wreaths, will dry a little faster than greens from farms.

Indoors, fresh greenery can be used for centerpieces, on placemats, as window treatments, on banisters, or even just placed in the middle of a dining room table when hosting a party to add more ambiance.

Of course, in the warmth of the house, the greens will not last as long as outdoors. For a centerpiece made in Fresh Oasis, you can expect the greens to last for two to three weeks.

Make sure to keep filling water into the container. For greenery that is not in an oasis, but just lying there, the greenery will only stay fresh for a week or two.

Try to keep your greenery outside in the cold or at least in a cooler area and bring it in just before Christmas.

Here are some tips to consider when considering using fresh greens this season:

1. Before shopping for your branches, you may want to take some measurements first to make the decision easier and to avoid repeated trips to the store.

Some measurements you may need to know: the size of the door or wall area where you are hanging the wreath; The space around the doorway or along a fence or fence where you want the wreath; The length of the fireplace mantle. And the size of existing decorative pots so you know what size pot is suitable for your interior.

2. Do you want to coordinate the colors and types of greenery throughout your home or choose unique decorations in each area?

3. What style do you want to convey? For a modern look, choose strong, bold lines and keep the lines and greenery simple.

4. When shopping for your branches, make sure the foliage feels fresh to the touch. If the foliage is dry and you’re starting to see a little browning, these branches or wreaths won’t last long.

If you see a lot of needles falling off when you handle them, this is also a sign that your greenery is drying out.

5. Moisturize your greenery. Making sure your green plants have adequate moisture is key to making them last longer.

Many of the branches you purchase are cut weeks before you buy them. If you are using the branches to make an outdoor pot, be sure to make a new cut on each stem before inserting them into the soil. Keep the soil moist until it freezes.

For wreaths, wreaths and flowers, it’s best to mist them every three to four days to keep them green longer. When using fresh vegetables indoors, rehydrating them is essential to extend life.

Fill the buckets with room temperature water. Using a hand pruner, make a diagonal cut across the stems (this allows more water to be absorbed), then gently crush the exposed end with a small hammer.

Place them in water for a few hours before working with the plants.

So, if you want to “spruce up” your home decor for the holidays (pun intended…I know, kinda happy), add some live greenery outside and inside your home this Christmas.

Joan Young is an expert and trainer at Niagara-on-the-Lake Gardens. See its website at

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