Frank Gehry-designed two-tower Warner Bros. project takes shape in Burbank – Daily News

Frank Gehry-designed two-tower Warner Bros. project takes shape in Burbank – Daily News

The Century II project, designed by Frank Gehry, now under construction along Interstate 134 in Burbank, will consist of seven- and nine-story buildings. The exterior glass now creeps up the south-facing side of the buildings, resembling icebergs looming over the highway. Upper level setbacks in both buildings will be used to create terrace decks for use by Warner Bros. employees. (Photo by David Crane, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)

When the Warner Bros. The multi-story building, designed by famed architect Frank Gehry, is beginning to take shape. The modern, glass-dominated complex will look like floating ice cubes when completed, but for now it looks like a project worthy of the attention of passers-by on Interstate 134 in Burbank.

Since construction began early last year, the 2nd Century Project office towers have been named in honor of Warner Bros. Its 100th anniversary in 2023, it has steadily gained prominence as it rises along this stretch of highway with its exposed steel girders, crane looming overhead and construction workers hammering and welding.

Located on the former NBC Studios site off Bob Hope Drive, the new buildings and adjacent campus will be home to 4,000 Warner Bros. employees. and creative collaborators.

This is music to the ears of those in Burbank’s business scene anticipating the potential financial windfall on surrounding restaurants, small businesses and retailers.

“Netflix has just come on board in Burbank,” said Jimmy Keyser, CEO of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce. “This and Warner Bros.” New buildings help create a viable business community in Burbank and create more job opportunities, a trickle-down effect that helps all businesses in Burbank.

Last year, Gehry said that Hollywood Studios, once an important architectural presence in the city as monuments to the filmmaking process, was central to the design of the towers.

“With this project, I was trying to restore that feeling of old Hollywood splendor,” Jerry, 92, said. “We wanted to create a 21st century version that had a strong, unique identity for…Warner Bros. in downtown Burbank.”

Gehry’s team created large, open floor plates for the office space. Once completed, the view from the highway will be a long, sculptural glass facade that creates a single identity like icebergs floating along the highway.

“I hope we’ve created something that works well for Warner Bros. and is respectful of the surrounding community,” Gehry said.

The 800,000-square-foot office complex is located across from the Warner Bros. headquarters. On the other side of the Ventura Expressway.

The towers will be divided into stepped, staggered, tilted and glass-fronted fragments and consist of a seven-story building of approximately 355,000 square feet and a nine-story building of approximately 445,000 square feet. Occupancy begins sometime in 2022.

Gov. Gavin Newsom was among those who attended the groundbreaking ceremony last year. At the time, Newsom said there was nothing bigger than this project in all of Southern California.

“This is a big deal,” he said. “Those two million hours of work? That’s a big problem. Not just for Burbank, although it’s a big problem for Burbank, but for the entire region and the entire state.”

As part of the land deal, Warner Bros. The Burbank Studios property is exclusively the land on which the two Gehry-designed buildings will be built. This deal provides Warner Bros. Additional space for production offices and eight soundstages, with room for expansion, as well as a mill building and commercial complex.

“We are thrilled to have the iconic Century II building in our city, and as the work continues, our excitement only grows,” said Burbank Mayor Bob Frutos. “We look forward to celebrating in 2023 when the project is completed.”

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