Frank Gehry Danziger’s studio and residence (now Seventh House).

Frank Gehry Danziger’s studio and residence (now Seventh House).

The 7th House of Hollywood gallery opens in 2021 within the spaces of Frank Gehry Danziger’s studio and residence. A design gallery dedicated to early 20th century, postmodern and contemporary design, it has made itself at home in the cubic building.

Seventh House began as a project out of the nearby Galerie Half, a Melrose Avenue gallery specializing in antiques and early 20th century furniture, and features a more modern interpretation of design, mixing earlier examples of modernism with pieces from the 1980s and 1990s, as well as contemporary design.

7th Home Gallery Bedroom from Green River Project LLC

Bed from the Green River LLC project

(Image credit: Angela Howe)

The gallery’s interiors, like the house, are designed to be in dialogue with Gehry’s original architectural features. Described as “an iconic symbol of early Gehry architecture,” Danziger Studio and Residences is located at the intersection of Melrose Street and North Orange Drive, and appears as two gray cubes facing each other with a stucco facade. Designed in 1965 and commissioned by graphic designer Louis Danziger, the building explored some themes that would later recur in the architect’s work, including the exploration of materials and the intersection between aesthetics and sustainability.

Gdańsk interior studio

“The Benches of Ahmedabad” by Le Corbusier

(Image credit: Angela Howe)

Inside, the airy structure is defined by exposed ceiling beams and tall windows, giving the space a characteristic lightness. The interiors of the historic landmark have been preserved as a home, with each room maintaining its original function while at the same time showcasing modern works by the likes of Maria Bergai, Enzo Mari and Le Corbusier. These are complemented by contemporary pieces by American designers Courtney Applebaum and Giancarlo Valli, while New York-based Green River Project LLC has created sculptural furniture for the bedrooms, among other pieces. In the small courtyard, designs include legendary Gae Aulenti poolside furniture as well as 1950s lounge seating designed by Walter Lamb.

The architecture of the house means that Seventh House Gallery is completely isolated from the busy streets outside, making it a quiet and peaceful haven in the city.

Outdoor furniture designed by Gae Aulenti from La Piscine Movie

Outdoor furniture from Gae Aulenti

(Image credit: Angela Howe)

Details of the bed in the Seventh House Gallery

Masonic bed details from Green River Project LLC

(Image credit: Angela Howe)

View of Danziger's studio and residences from the first floor

The view from the first floor. Left, Ahmedabad console desk by B.V. Doshi and Le Corbusier, 1960. Right, Flying Carpet daybed by Maria Bergai, 1968

(Image credit: Angela Howe)

Interior design of Gdańsk studios

Emme daybed by Enzo Mari, 1974, and Tem base by Atelier Viollet, 2021

(Image credit: Angela Howe)

Jane stoneware and zinc coffee table

Jane coffee table in stoneware and zinc, designed by Studio Giancarlo Valle, 2021, Apis bench designed by Atelier Viollet, 2021

(Image credit: Angela Howe)

A bedroom at Danziger Studio and Residences

Danish sofa from the 1940s in the bedroom

(Image credit: Angela Howe)


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