Trusted brands are facing a growing demand for a more ‘holistic’ luxury lifestyle experience, including lifestyle items from travel to fashion. Collaboration between the two industries is on the rise to align with the needs of their mutual customers, but is this trend expected to continue?

New York Times bestselling author and award-winning producer Melissa Rivers believes it will. “On the fashion brand side, they’re targeting their core customers, and they’re taking it to a higher, more curated level. People who can afford to stay in these hotels can shop these brands – it’s all inclusive.”

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Saks Fifth Avenue at the Marriott International Hotel

Diurifera meets the Beverly Hills Hotel

Mediterranean Evolution in The Dorchester

Fine Italian tailoring at Rome Cavalieri

Handmade slippers at The Ocean Club

Grand Hotel Tremezzo packs Bric’s luggage

Take Gucci to the slopes of St. Moritz

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