Etihad Airways designs Abu Dhabi’s new passenger terminal A Runway Girl lounge complex

Etihad Airways designs Abu Dhabi’s new passenger terminal A Runway Girl lounge complex

Detail and logo design with text on graph paper backgroundAs Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi’s national carrier, moves its flights to the massive new Terminal A at its main airport starting this week, it is also unveiling a host of beautiful new lounges, leaning into a modern aesthetic with a local touch of Islamic art traditions and design choices. Great thought into when and how passengers will use the lounge.

This space includes three floors on the north side of the new building, and is divided into first and business class lounges, with three gates allowing direct boarding from the lounge to the plane.

The aesthetic throughout the hotel is very much a quasi-residential feel, like a first-class luxury hotel or luxury apartment complex, and this feeling comes through through a private lounge-style reception area for first-class passengers. Impressively, the look and feel are derived from a refined range of decorations that build on and extend aspects of Abu Dhabi’s mid-2000s brand, which remains one of the strongest brands in the industry.

Etihad Airways’ use of layered, direct and indirect lighting is particularly impressive – the triangular chandeliers with triangular bulbs above the triangular faceted welcome stands are gorgeous, but they don’t take the theme too far, with a gently lit interior wall and concealed floor level adding accent lighting at ceiling level. Layers add real depth to a space.

The Constellation Bar is another great example of this technique: the bar itself is a 25-metre-tall, 172-piece custom-designed glass lighting sculpture called “Panora”, and a cloud of tiny sparkling lights suspended from the ceiling above the bar adds an aesthetic touch. Real softness of space.

Large bar covered with multiple high-quality seating and surrounded by chairs and tables in pairs for dining, as well as large comfortable green chairs

The Constellation Bar is an amazing touch. Photo: Al-Ittihad

Interior lighting on the steps of the main staircase, as well as the regional flavor (if you’ll excuse the pun) of the hanging octagonal lanterns and eight-sided star wall decorations in the buffet area, continue this design theme.

A chef in the Etihad Lounge delivers a plate from the buffet to a female passenger.

Layered lighting also appears in the buffet area. Photo: Al-Ittihad

It’s a smart combination of upscale design choices for the lounge that many passengers will experience at night, as the flight banking structure of Etihad’s network operations creates many connections during the domestic night.

A woman sits in the new Etihad Lounge enjoying a drink at one of the tables during the day.

While all the glossy PR shots are in the daytime, many passengers will enjoy experiencing the space at night. Photo: Al-Ittihad

Travelers in Etihad Airways’ one-bedroom Al Rewan cabin, located in the ‘front’ area of ​​the airline’s Airbus A380 fleet, will be welcomed into individual private suites where they can hide away from even the noise of first class. Lounge.

Woman lying on sofa bed and taking a nap.

Even the relaxation rooms in the business lounge echo the Facets brand, but not intrusively. Photo: Al-Ittihad

Non-resident First Class lounge guests will also be able to book themselves into private suites if available – but here one wonders whether the less generic moniker of “private suites” might make more sense.

Between the Residences, First Class apartments and Business Studios on board the A380 alone, and the new Business Class on the A350 being classified as suites, the words “private” and “suite” may be in danger of being overused.


Elsewhere, the nomenclature is truly unique – again in venues that harken back to residential areas, such as “The Parlor” for chocolate, pastries and afternoon tea – including the Liwan Global Dining Area, the Roof Lounge, and the Constellation Bar.

The space is matched admirably Architectural Design From the highly structured and organic Station A – which long-time readers will remember as the Center Station, It was originally scheduled to open in 2017.

Its sprawling, sinuous, four-armed shape is located to the northwest of the airport between its two runways, and looks more like a completely different generation of airport than the three smaller, older terminals along the southwest side of the runways.

In this context, this new lounge seems like a natural part of Etihad Airways’ return to its distinguished position in the premium market: a new terminal, a new fleet of A350 aircraft with new business class suites, the return of the A380 aircraft and its distinctive products, and new lounges for faster movement in the terminal. the new.

An Etihad Lounge employee greets a couple.

The brand integration within the lounge has been successful and elegant. Photo: Al-Ittihad

The gaming hall displays table football and various other forms of entertainment games.

Dedicating the gym to the young and young at heart is a smart idea. Photo: Al-Ittihad

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Featured image attributed to Etihad Airways

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