Easy ideas to create a balcony garden in your home

Easy ideas to create a balcony garden in your home

Sipping on a cup of Chai While reading a good book in your balcony garden can be a therapeutic experience. But with modern apartments and their small balconies, this dream may be out of reach.

However, there are many easy ideas and simple methods that can help you beautify your balcony. All you need are the right tools and some creativity. Here are some balcony garden ideas that can inspire you.

5 easy DIY ideas that will make your balcony blossom with greenery

1. Use a moving plant wall

A moving plant wall is an excellent way to add green color to any corner of your balcony. You won’t have to drill holes in your walls and hang individual plants to create a green wall in your balcony.

The TrustBasket Mobile Wall Mount is an all-in-one solution for beautifying a wall with multiple plants. The plant organizer stand can be easily moved to any corner of the balcony.

Price: INR 4159

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2. Invest in beautiful patio furniture

Credits: Top Note

If you find porch chairs too popular, invest in a beautiful hammock chair or hammock for your porch if you have ample outdoor space.

Outdoor swings and rocking chairs are not only one of the best ways to decorate your balcony garden uniquely, but they are also comfortable to relax in.

Price: INR 4,999

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3. Add hanging planters

Credits: Moro Tara

If you have a small balcony, you can save floor space by adding hanging planters instead of garden beds and large plants.

Moro Taara Copper Hanging Plant Pots not only add an elegant touch to your balcony garden but also save floor space since you won’t have to add bulky floor plants.

Price: INR 2650

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4. Decorate the walls with planting shelves

Credits: Wall Mantra

Planter shelves are medium or small sized shelves that can be hung on the wall of your balcony. You can place small plants to create a vertical garden if you want to avoid placing plants on the ground or any other surface.

Wall Mantra’s colorful plant racks can be a perfect choice to beautify your outdoor space.

Price: INR 1999

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5. Use pots and planters ideal for the fence

One underappreciated idea to make your balcony blossom with greenery is to use colorful planters and pots to liven up the space.

For example, a set of four dotted planters from TrustBasket can be hung on the wall as well as placed on the floor of your porch. Gorgeous planters not only add liveliness to the ambiance but also add to the overall look of the balcony garden.

Price: INR 1330

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Social and Lead Image Credits: Dharma Productions, Red Chillies Entertainment

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