Whether you’re a parent, boss, teacher or more, Décor Drop will take the hassle out of decorating your home or office.

The 9-month-old Midland company has designers assemble every piece of party or seasonal decor you need and conveniently ship them to your door at an affordable price.

Décor Drop’s owner is Stephen Lowery, a born-and-raised Midlander who has been a franchisee of the Great American Cookies, Marble Slab Creamery and Pretzelmaker locations since 2010.
The struggle to decorate his franchise locations uniformly for major holidays sparked the inspiration for Décor Drop.
“During COVID-19, in 2020, we had eight more (franchise locations) in D-FW (Dallas-Fort Worth). So we had, I think at the time, six or seven in West Texas and then eight in D-FW and I was like ‘Man, we’ve got to figure this out because we’re paying people to leave, go to the Dollar Tree,’ Lori recalled, ‘Take $100. “And buy a bunch of stuff, and then put it back, and then put it away.”
Initially, Décor Drop began testing its designs in Lowy’s own franchises. It was a big hit among his general managers.
“We did it, and GM loved it, and it was easy for them, and it wasn’t a big deal where everything showed up in a box. So, the concept is professional, well-thought-out designs, we do all the purchasing, we put it in a box, and now we can Shipped coast to coast.
During its nine-month existence, Décor Drop has shipped kits to customers in Washington state, New York, Dallas, Illinois and a few other states, Lowry said.
Décor Drop specializes in three basic product lines. Seasonal decor boxes meet the needs of businesses, providing a consistent and attractive atmosphere all year long. For residential customers, their porch boxes add a seasonal touch to your home. Finally, their party boxes are for any special occasion from birthdays, grand openings, graduations, and everything in between. Recently launched this month are the Halloween Balcony and Party Sets. Each box comes with a photo of what the final design should look like. It is hoped that educational guides and videos will be the next addition to the consumer experience, Lowry said.
Samantha Voss, Creative Director of Décor Drop, plays an integral role in designing and implementing Décor Drop’s party designs. Décor Drop initially thought it would hire part-time designers on a seasonal basis.
“Our idea was that we would just have part-time women who wanted to do designs on the side, and we would always — every holiday — we would have four or five people competing and putting designs together and we would pay them for it, and we would use one of those designs to launch it,” Lori said. For this season.”
Voss’ ability rose to the top, “You could tell she was a pro at it,” Laurie remarked. When Décor Drop launched, they focused primarily on seasonal business decor. It was Voss who brought the idea of ​​party boxes to the company.

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