Dopamine decor is the feel-good interior trend we need

Dopamine decor is the feel-good interior trend we need

Devika Khosla, creative director at The Works Interiors, recommends pairing vintage pieces with bold patterns and bright colors to create an uplifting feel. “Using orange, pink, yellow, lime green, and cobalt blue in generous amounts brightens the space and keeps the cheerful feelings alive,” she says.

In the living room, this might mean popping bright colors in furniture like console tables, side tables, or end tables. In a space where a neutral sofa is a must, try some bright upholstery or funky cushions on a lounge chair for a bit of contrast. Keeping the walls painted or wallpapered in pastel colors can help balance the look. “Consider adding a lively touch to your coffee table or media unit by incorporating items like colorful books, potted plants, and uniquely shaped candles,” says Sarabjit Singh, founder of Villa Ortega, a multi-disciplinary design firm in Delhi. Don’t let any particular narrative rule your choices, he advises: “A mid-century sofa can be placed next to a traditional divan or daybed as long as it’s aesthetic and practical.”

Don’t ignore the possibility of using elements such as fixtures and accessories to add a touch of colour.

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In personal spaces like bedrooms or studies, abundant pattern will enhance visual interest – and deliver a healthy dose of whimsy. “Bold geometric designs, floral prints and abstract patterns catch the eye and create a sense of movement through wallpaper, floor cushions, rugs, pillows and wall treatments,” says Mistry. In the kitchen, don’t underestimate the value of choosing the right finish for your appliance. “Try vintage kits for colorful pops of dopamine,” says Khosla. “For walls, colorful backsplashes with mosaics or subway tile are sure to add pop.”

In today’s world, where fast trend cycles run parallel to the environmental crisis, it’s worth noting how a designer can perform a ‘dopamine’ replenishment without a large carbon footprint. One easy idea: Give old pieces a new lease of life by purchasing vintage, upcycled, or upcycled designs. (Furniture and art are both strong candidates for this type of sourcing.) It’s always a good idea to be thoughtful about purchasing decisions, but with embellishing dopamine, as the choices are often tied to personal history—a wallpaper pattern that harkens back to a happy childhood memory or a reupholstered chair gifted from Your beloved grandmother – Furniture and art can have extra staying power.

For dopamine enthusiasts, one question remains: Where do we start? Sanya Sharma, co-founder of event production company Threes Entertainment, recommends starting with a color scheme that sparks joy. “To create a harmonious atmosphere, it is necessary to maintain consistency in the color palette,” she says. “This can be done by using various shades of the same color or sticking to two color schemes.” Try to use bright colors on small walls, and – pro tip – pay close attention to lighting. (In certain locations, excessively bright lighting may negatively affect noise.)

One of the key elements of dopamine decorating is making room for lots of familiar faces — in frames, that is, says Minnie Bhatt, founder and design director of Minnie Bhatt Design. Instead of choosing an impersonal piece of art, opt for simple snapshots of friends and family: “Having photos of your loved ones framed can instantly fill your space with priceless memories.”

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