“Do you like that, corporate heads?” asks the commentator

“Do you like that, corporate heads?”  asks the commentator

In this week’s Comments Update, readers discuss the expansion of media company Warner Bros.’ headquarters in Burbank, completed by Los Angeles architecture studio Gehry Partners.

The complex features two distinctive facades – glass meant to evoke the shape of icebergs interspersed with steel facades modeled on the Art Deco buildings of early Hollywood.

Warner Bros. expanded into California by Gehry Partners
Gehry Partners points to icebergs and Hollywood for the Warner Bros. building

“The dystopian institutional hellhole has been completed.”

Some readers weren’t entirely convinced by the design. “Whether you refer to it as an iceberg, a rock formation, or a crystal cluster, it is still dull and ponderous,” Marius wrote.

“Ah, yes,” said Richard Nelson, “the wretched institutional hellhole has been completed.” “Do you like that, corporate heads?” they asked.

Daniel Sherk was a bit less harsh. For them, the complex was “fun but not great – Jerry on autopilot.”

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Developed by Heatherwick Studio Azabudai Hills in Tokyo
Heatherwick Studio unveils undulating area designed to be “one of Tokyo’s greenest urban areas”

“The overall effect is interesting”

Readers struggled to reach a consensus on the Azabudai Hills development in Tokyo by Studio Heatherwick, which features curved roofs topped with greenery.

There was too much going on for Dracula, who asked, “What am I looking at?” “There are too many pieces to this puzzle,” they concluded.

“Italian pizza toppings are kept simple to showcase their quality – their grand philosophy,” Marius chimed in to say. The project also left a bad taste with Blau, who thought “the whole thing had been horribly overcooked.”

Adding some nuance to the discussion was JZ. “It looks like a mess and would require an enormous amount of maintenance,” they admitted. However, they eventually concluded that “the overall effect is interesting.”

Meanwhile, Heywood Floyd reminded his fellow commentators that “we definitely saw more offensive ideas executed with less confidence.” They went on to say: “I feel like everyone is hanging out at Heathwerwick Airport at this point.”

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JPMorgan Headquarters from Foster + Partners
Foster + Partners tops a high-rise skyscraper for JPMorgan HQ at 270 Park Avenue

“Diamonds, on Park Avenue? Major.”

Readers were also discussing the news that Foster + Partners has completed the framing of JPMorgan Chase’s headquarters at 270 Park Avenue.

“Diamonds, on Park Avenue?” Frank asked Leah. They made fun of the “Major”.

Ken Steeves was also unimpressed by the design’s lack of originality: “Wow, another steel and reflective glass box with an exoskeleton – what an invention.”

“It’s big, that’s for sure,” Souji commented. However, they thought “the design is very poor – it is a shame that the old SOM building has to be replaced with this.”

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