Do you know this majestic 1904 building in Paris, whose architect also designed Galeries Lafayette? -Paris is curvy

Do you know this majestic 1904 building in Paris, whose architect also designed Galeries Lafayette?  -Paris is curvy

124 Rue Reaumur © Arthur Weidmann

Paris He, among the readers Curvy Parisnow famous for it Great interfaces Which collides with Haussmann style. But don’t think we’ve said it all already, far from it. Because there is a street in the center of the capital that runs along Second and third district, Which carries an unusual number of Magnificent buildings. Today, we bring you an incredible one in XXL windows. r 2qPLhut1rdkUQO0aAGCidqra1GnWkoTHPimgWFOY7qWJPEXp_zcUbNP0UkwaMecwb0zO5uuH0rpRjwOw5fN0JrNnvIqari3wp9gPUvD1NMV1aFunX5bGC1780yCJ0nq4OqSUdUqIc4l

Great street

When we go up to riomur street, We quickly realize the beauty of the place. Many buildings are made of cutting stones and bricks, They all have a bold peculiarity of face Hausmanian magic Which we already know well. But, access, on the equal side, to No. 124, We are surprised to see no wall. It seems Windows This just stands An imposing building in the 2nd arrondissement. Gorgeous storefront, gorgeous facade, take a moment to observe it, understand what it is, where it comes from and admire it All her beauty.

124 Rue Reaumur © Poulpy
124 Rue Reaumur © Poulpy

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A well-known and recognized architect

Building built in 1904, It is attributed to the famous French architect Georges Chidan, The one who, among other things, achieved Elysee Palace Hotel On the Champs Elysees but also Galeries Lafayette. Its structure is in complete contrast to the other buildings on the street – and Paris -: Completely present Metal. Subordinate Metal beams Vertical columns form the visual frame of the building, and wide strips of sheet metal horizontally separate the floors from each other. Initially, the building was intended for silk company, She had to achieve two goals. for the first time brightness Must be Candid and impeccable. Second, the flooring must be able to withstand lord drawings, Up to 1500 kg/m2.

124 Rue Reaumur © Neoclassical Enthusiast
124 Rue Reaumur © Neoclassical Enthusiast


Windows and (almost) only windows

We have to believe, however, that the first goal was extraordinarily successful: the entire building – at least its entire street facade – was destroyed. Covered with large windows surrounded by impressive steel. We especially note Imprint of modern art by Entry gate curves But also when we notice the fourth floor. In fact, there is Windows of the “arch window” type. Which protrudes from the facade and which takes on those curves desired by the main architects of this movement. Beautiful. For a long seat liberated parisian, It was restored at the end of the 2000s and thus regained its status Yesterday’s brilliance !

124 Rue Reaumur © MOSSOT
124 Rue Reaumur © MOSSOT

An Art Nouveau building with all windows
124 rue Rambuteau, 75002 Paris

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Featured image : 124 Rue Reaumur © Arthur Weidmann r 2qPLhut1rdkUQO0aAGCidqra1GnWkoTHPimgWFOY7qWJPEXp_zcUbNP0UkwaMecwb0zO5uuH0rpRjwOw5fN0JrNnvIqari3wp9gPUvD1NMV1aFunX5bGC1780yCJ0nq4OqSUdUqIc4l

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