Designs for the third phase of the High Republic have been revealed

Designs for the third phase of the High Republic have been revealed

Heroes and villains Star Wars: The High Republic It’s back with some updated looks. has released seven new concept art images of the main players in Phase Three of the High Republic, even comparing these more gritty looks to the original Phase One designs. For characters like Jedi Masters Avar Kriss and Porter Engle, these changes include ditching their Jedi robes and replacing them with darker masks, allowing them to hide from Nihil forces in the now-sealed occlusion zone. A similar change can be seen in Padawans Bell Zettifar and Buryaga’s more armored gear – Bell even cut off his braids – while concept art for Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh shows her with a shorter haircut and some “rough” civilian clothing. On the hostile side, the artwork depicts Nihil leader Marcheon Roe in a royal robe, as well as former Republican Senator Hera Starros in a dress with Nihil-inspired jewelry and one of the bandit group’s signature gas masks.

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These aren’t the only High Republic characters to change their appearance in the year-long gap between Phase One and Phase Three. A preview of the Phase 3 era comic Star Wars: The High Republic #1 revealed fan-favorite Jedi Keeve Trennis’ new robe, hairstyle, and title as Jedi Master since Ro and Nihil orchestrated the destruction of Starlight Beacon. The events that occurred between this time jump are currently being explored in Marvel’s Starlight shadows comic, whose first issue saw the Jedi Council implement the “Guardian Protocols” designed to help the Order prepare themselves against the threat of the Nihil. Meanwhile, the second issue will focus on the stories of Avar and Elzar Mann, as the former Marshal of Starlight Beacon blames herself for failing to stop Nihil’s terrorist plan before it was too late.

Additionally, some High Republic heroes are ready to make their way into the non-literary sphere star Wars Media. Last month, star Wars Writer Cavan Scott has confirmed that Bill and his former master Louden Great Storm will appear in an episode of the cartoon Star Wars: Young Jedi AdventuresVoiced by Marcus Scribner and Matthew Young King respectively. Another episode will include appearances from Starlight Beacon herself, as well as Jedi comedian Estala Maru. Meanwhile, Vernestra will make her live-action debut the assistant The following year she played Rebecca Henderson.

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The new era of the High Republic will begin with George Mann Dark eye Later this month, followed by several adult, young adult, and middle grade books as well as adjacent comics. As for what readers can expect from the non-Sith enemies of the Jedi in the future, writer Charles Soule noted, “Marion Roux and Nihil bring a level of ruthless ambition and contempt for life to this battle that the Jedi struggle to get over their heads.” Additionally, Nihil possesses a weapon that can… Specifically targeting and killing Jedi despite their amazing abilities. “It’s a strange time to be a grandfather, for sure.”

Star Wars: The High Republic Books for the first and second stages are currently available in bookstores. Dark eye It will be available for purchase on November 14.


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