Designer Smiles celebrates reopening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Designer Smiles celebrates reopening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony

Designer Smiles celebrates reopening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Designer Smiles celebrates reopening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony

Designer Smiles dental office hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday to celebrate its reopening after months of remodeling. Held in partnership with the Evanston Chamber of Commerce, the event was hosted in front of their office suite with refreshments and breakfast served to attendees inside.

The Evanston Chamber of Commerce provides members with ribbon-cutting services, usually to open a new business or celebrate a milestone anniversary.

Garrett Karp, executive director of the Evanston Chamber of Commerce, said in a speech before the event that this was “one of the largest ribbon cuttings we’ve done probably in the last few years.”

Before cutting the ribbon, the owner of Designer Smiles, Dr. Aminat Osuji She expressed gratitude for the help she received after recently moving to Evanston with her family.

“I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me throughout this process,” Osuji said. “We’re excited to be a part of the community and our plan is to give back to the community. I’m just grateful to be here.”

Designer Smiles, formerly known as Fischl Dental Associates, was founded in 1954 by Dr. Richard Fischl before later being purchased by his son, Dr. Paul Fischl. Osuji purchased the company from Dr. Paul Fishel in 2022 and became the new owner of Designer Smiles.

Osuji said she met Fishel through an intermediary and knew she wanted to work with him after a long conversation.

“Some people treat their offices like a business, all about the money, but (Fishel) really cares about his patients,” Osuji said. “He’s really involved in the community and gives back to the community, and that’s something I do and want to continue.”

This year, Designer Smiles will partner with the Evanston community by sponsoring MashUp, a “civic connection extravaganza” scheduled for November 8 at the Autobarn Service Center from 5:30 p.m.-9 p.m.

For their regular services, Designer Smiles offers general dentistry, orthodontics, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and more to patients of all ages. Overall, they focus on centralizing the patient experience, Osuji said.

“We try to make dentistry fun,” Osuji said. “When you come, we treat you like family, we get to know you, we take our time with you, and everything is not rushed.”

Alyssa Welsh, COO of Designer Smiles, said the welcoming environment played an important role in her decision to work with the company.

“I kind of worked all over Chicago, and I came out to Evanston just because of the environment (Osuji) created,” Welch said. “It’s a very good family environment, very patient. Everyone’s like a big community, so it’s really nice.”

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