Design Beyond Boundaries: The A-Frame Club

Design Beyond Boundaries: The A-Frame Club

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A new 23,450-square-foot mountain resort, A-Frame Club, has been designed by a Portland firm Skylab Architecture.

Located at 1008 Winter Park Drive along the Fraser River in Winter Park, Colorado, the A-Frame Club takes design cues from 1970s skate culture and the A-frame cabins of that era. The hotel consists of 31 pre-fab cabins plus a bar and restaurant in a historic saloon building. The location is within walking distance of the Winter Park Resort.

Skylab Architecture designed the project for owner/developer Zeppelin Development in Denver.

“Much of the project is modular, paneled construction,” said Robin Wilcox, director and project manager at Skylab.

The cabins were prefabricated by Prefab Factory, near Los Angeles, as modules and panels. The cabins were shipped to the site in pieces and then assembled by the Prefab factory.

Zeppelin Development did other construction work on the site, such as siding and concrete.

The project team also includes civil engineer Bowman – headquartered in Reston, Virginia – and a structural, mechanical and electrical engineer for the Resource Engineering Group in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Wilcox said the team sought to only slightly touch the site and disturb as few trees as possible. Each cabin is located on low piers, raised off the ground, with a concrete crawl space. A series of boardwalks connect the parking lot to the cabins, which are arranged geometrically like a snowflake, he added.

Wilcox said the design and materials are based on 1970s ski culture with an emphasis on the A-frame rating. Construction materials for the cabins’ exteriors include metal roofs, cedar siding and aluminum-clad Sierra Pacific windows.

“Each of them has a little deck coming off the living space with a (9-foot) slide,” Wilcox said. “You can open half of that, so you have a nice, big 4.5-foot opening for the outside when the weather allows.”

The interior finishes play with 1970s colours, with shades of orange and green.

Each prefabricated cabin is 475 square feet. The ground floor has a small kitchen, bathroom and living room. There is a lofted bedroom, as well as a deep bathtub.

The roofs are steep and 30 feet high. Tall glass windows let in natural light. Each cabin has a custom fireplace and antique furnishings. The walls are lined with warm-colored cedar boards and custom millwork.

An existing building on the site was converted into a saloon. There is an outdoor patio/bar between the salon and cabins. There is also an event lawn between the cabins and the river.

The kitchen and bathroom were entirely factory built by Plant Prefab. The floors and walls were boards. The built pieces were placed on the foundation, followed by the panels.

The A-Frame Club opened in January after about 18 months of construction.

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A new mountain resort in Winter Park, Colorado, features 31 A-frame cabins. (Stefan Werke and Kylie Fitts, courtesy of Skylab Architecture)
(Stefan Werk and Kylie Fitts, courtesy of Skylab Architecture)

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