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Desert inspired decor ideas |  Bizbash

Palm Desert, California —When a technology company wanted to host an appreciation trip for its sales winners, it turned to Access to create a five-star experience at the Empire Grand Oasis in Palm Desert, California. The Desert Oasis-themed closing reception was held on October 25, attracting 650 guests for an immersive, modern and elegant desert-themed ceremony that was informed by the natural elements of the venue.

Christine Francis, chief national officer, noted that Access — a 50-year-old DMC with offices across the country — was involved in every aspect of event production, including venue sourcing and management, catering management, event design, and entertainment design, production, and presentation flow. Creative Director of Access. “Everything was carefully curated for this client and their guests for an overall memorable experience from start to finish,” she explained, adding that the Access team had worked with this client for several years and was challenged to outperform their previous work. A color palette of white, amber, dusty blue, soft pink and light wood was chosen to complement the surrounding landscape.A color palette of white, amber, dusty blue, soft pink and light wood was chosen to complement the surrounding landscape.Photo: Courtesy of Access

“For the client who has seen it all and is always looking for the next best thing, our creative team is always looking to take event trends one step further,” she said. “By customizing aspects to help tell our story, it makes every moment impactful and unique. When there is purpose behind what you do, it makes guiding the client so much easier. It makes you part of their team, and they feel heard.” Comment. “

To contrast with and complement the surrounding landscape, the Access team chose a white color palette, then mixed it with dark acrylic amber chairs, dusty blue and soft pink table accents, and light wood accents. Flowery greenery, gold-covered accents, and oversized reflective elements enhance the oasis-inspired design. The team aimed to deliver an immersive, modern and elegant experience of the desert theme.The team aimed to deliver an immersive, modern and elegant experience of the desert theme.Photo: Courtesy of Access

I created The “Living Desert Flower Rug” created a photo moment — and also strategically distracted guests from the catering area hidden behind it.Photo: Courtesy of Access“The desert, on the surface, is a dry and desolate place,” Francis noted. “Once you truly immerse yourself in it and start looking deeper, the moments of wonder and magic begin to unfold. We wanted to give guests the same sense and appreciation for the desert in a way that pleases them – with a modern, elegant ambiance twist so they feel honored and rewarded.”

One way this goal was achieved was through a memorable entrance moment, which included reversed arcs. “We wanted guests to feel the mirage of the desert as soon as they got off the bus and entered the event space,” Francis said. “The way the lighting reflected and danced off the mirror material created an enchanting wonder and curiosity for guests to want to explore further and be transported further into the space.”

However, the highlight of the event was the entertainment, which included a series of short performances at various designated locations throughout the outdoor space. “No matter where you were inside the venue, something remarkable was happening,” Francis said.

Guests were welcomed by a specially designed ‘Live Desert Flower Carpet’, which created an unforgettable capture moment to start the evening. Fire performers and LED POI artists with a custom logo also greeted guests and set the tone for the evening. “In previous years, the group has really enjoyed the drum shows,” Francis added. “To add a touch of that, and also tie in with the atmosphere of the place, this year we brought in taiko drummers. The mix of the familiar and the unfamiliar was a very successful way to open for the local band before the guests danced the evening away.” Entertainment included taiko drummers.Entertainment included taiko drummers.Photo: Courtesy of Access

But Francis’ favorite moment was the upside-down puck wall. “This interactive artwork, when alone, depicts the coastal tides and ebbs of the Maldives in real time,” she said. “As guests walked towards the piece, their image was playfully reflected. To add even more wow, we combined this with our fire dancers. With the movement of the discs and the fire reflecting on the piece, it created an even more magical and unforgettable effect.”A fire dancer performs in front of an inverted disc wall depicting the coastal tides of the Maldives.A fire dancer performs in front of an inverted disc wall depicting the coastal tides of the Maldives.Photo: Courtesy of Access

The event was not without challenges, especially since the venue was long, narrow and located on a hill. Francis noted that the team had to be very strategic with the placement of decor, bars and food stations to ensure smooth movement throughout the evening.

Flowery greenery has been used throughout.Flowery greenery has been used throughout.Photo: Courtesy of Access“This in turn means that there is only a little space left within the space itself for necessities such as bathrooms, restaurants, generators, and green spaces for entertainment,” she explained. the solution? “The living desert flower rug was a way for us to ‘realize’ the catering area hidden behind the hedging walls at the entrance right at the base of the hill. First impressions are everything, This really helped distract from what could have been unsightly if not planned in advance.

Ultimately, Francis said, the event felt true to the client’s spirit and goals for the event. “Distinctive clients want authenticity,” she explained. “As event producers, we are storytellers. When creating an elevated experience, you first start by asking what story we are telling, and what nuances need to be included for that story to be authentic. The best stories evoke emotions and feelings that can be enhanced by stimulating certain senses. ” The event featured a mix of different materials and seating arrangements.The event featured a mix of different materials and seating arrangements.Photo: Courtesy of Access

For Francis, successful events go beyond just high-end design. “The real impact comes from the intangibles,” she advises. “Think about smelling out the event, adding background environmental sounds to the perimeter of the space in addition to the band, or creating a nostalgia factor that triggers joyful memories for guests. By doing this, we create shared experiences that inspire people beyond the walls of the house. The event itself.”

Catering: Carousel Catering, the best beverage catering
decor: To be designed
Event planning and production: Access
entertainment: Entertainment fiction, audio spot
The kinetic art of the face disc: breakfast
Linens: BBJ La Tavola specialty linens
place: Empire Grand Oasis

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