Custom designs for global lifestyle: DesignWanted

Custom designs for global lifestyle: DesignWanted

At the beginning of September, we visited China International Film Expo Shanghai 2023, seeks to uncover the latest trends and innovations within the Chinese market. Among the most famous brands, HC28 It stands out as an important player in both the local design phase (with more than 100 mono stores) and the global one, thanks to its equally important product offerings, collaborations and communication strategies.

In the company’s own words, HC28 aspires to promote an elegant, contemporary and sensual lifestyle by blending the essence of oriental culture with international avant-garde design..

HC28 Cosmo at the 2023 China International Furniture Fair
HC28 Cosmo booth at the 2023 China International Furniture Fair

To date, they have received prestigious awards – for example several Red Dot Design Awards, including a recent win for the Origami modular sofa designed by Hanne Willmann. Some of their most prestigious collaborations include designers such as François Champseur, Christophe Delcour, Frank Chu, Masayuki Kurokawa, Yunoh, and Sebastien Herkner.

HC28: A glimpse into the brand’s history

First of all, where did the company name come from? “HC28,” though brief, carries profound significance: “HC” stands for Home Collection, denoting its focus on curated home furnishings. The number “28” carries a special meaning, as it indicates that the first factory was located 28 kilometers from the Forbidden City.

HC28 Cosmo booth at the 2023 China International Furniture Fair

Li Jianwei, founder of HC28, completed his education in France and later returned to China, where he started working as an agent for famous French furniture brands. This period of his career provided invaluable insights into effectively operating a high-end brand in the Chinese market.

In 2006, as international brands flocked to China and consumers became increasingly fascinated by French, Italian and American styles, Li decided to create his own brand. Collaborating with internationally acclaimed designers, he brought HC28 to life, making it China’s leading modern high-end furniture brand with a global perspective.

In 2018, the company introduced the HC28 Cosmo, driven by the vision of providing sophisticated designs dedicated to the global lifestyle, embodying strong and distinctive statements. These collections are characterized by their graceful lines, sculpted forms, precise details, adaptable materials and a wide range of colours, all of which inspire individuals to express their distinctive personality while adopting a bold and courageous approach to life.

Meg's chair
HC28 Cosmo Meg Chair

HC28 Cosmo at the 2023 China International Furniture Fair

During the Shanghai edition of the China International Furniture Fair, the company presented the HC28 Cosmo collections, unveiling a range of unique products.

The design of the pavilion has effectively conveyed ideas of futurism and innovation and is a testimony to creativity. Surrounded by an all-white “box” surrounding the entire showroom, featuring a spaceship-inspired display window displaying the company’s products, this pavilion has been transformed into a veritable laboratory.

Twisty amr chair designed by Studio Roderick Vos for HC28, on stage at the 2023 Cairo International Film Festival

In the words of Richard Meier, “White is the most wonderful color of all, because one can find all the colors of the rainbow in it.

In a bold move this year, the HC28 Cosmo ventures into the world of artificial intelligence (AI). In collaboration with Studio Roderick Vos, they gave birth to the TWISTY chair. Its cylindrical shape, twisted into a complex ring, symbolizes limitless data and endless horizons for the future. This creativity, a combination of artificial intelligence and artistic intelligence, received great attention and sparked lively discussions at the Cairo International Film Festival exhibition.

Root chair from Frank Chu
Root chair from Frank Chu

Another noteworthy product is the ROOT armchair by Frank Chou, which draws inspiration from the art of haute couture and outdoor elements. On the other hand, the BALLET dining table by Gary Zeng skillfully balances strength and lightness, resulting in a stunning combination of beauty and elegance.

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