These days, living space is another extension of a person’s personal style. TZR’s Home In 5 series delves into the essentials, elements, and inspiration behind the stylish homes of top influencers. Here, we sit down with content creator and marketing consultant Mika Hussein and talk about her simple, vintage-inspired home in Los Angeles.

Achieving a Parisian decor aesthetic in a Los Angeles apartment is no easy feat. There are rarely floor-to-ceiling windows, no view of the Eiffel Tower, and while the rooms are certainly more spacious than those in a New York City high-rise, they’re not exactly the airy, natural-light kissing spaces found in Paris. But when creator Meeka Hossain discovered the perfect French chateau-style apartment in a bustling downtown Los Angeles corridor, she was ready to take on the ultimate interior challenge.

“I really wanted to take an interest in that (French) style and make it my own,” she told TZR. “So, I mixed modern elements while staying true to the 1940s French decor of the apartment. The first thing I had was a fireplace in the living room, and I kept the 1940s-style sconces. I got them from Etsy to make it look like old Parisian style. But Next, I mixed modern art alongside it with different candlesticks, sculptures and vases to give it a more modern feel.

The creator’s own style is very minimal. Scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll find endless inspiration for chic, neutral ensembles with sexy cut-out details and sheer, sheer fabrics. So her vintage-modern home, which Hussein describes as “an open-plan Parisian apartment, mixed with color and lots of sculptural furniture,” feels like a natural extension of the marketing consultant herself.

Ahead, Hussain gives TZR a rundown of the spaces and elements that tie her Los Angeles home together and make it a living conversation piece, an outlet as well as a peaceful haven for all who enter it.

What is your favorite lounge area in your home?

I have two places to go to the lounge. One of them is my living room sofa. I have a cream antique Maralunga sofa that I got. It’s very comfortable and it’s just the perfect work space, because it gets so much light. There’s usually music playing in the background, so that’s the atmosphere. Another lounge area that I love is in my bedroom. I was going to the flea market in Santa Monica, and I saw this guy closing up shop for the day. He was selling these two giant bags of beans for $50, and I thought to myself, “This can’t be real.” I bought them both, and didn’t have room for both, so I just kept one. Then, for my bedroom nook, I went to Kelly Wearstler Gallery, got one of their side tables, and made it a nice, moody nook.

Mika Hussein

What was your latest home purchase?

The last purchase I made for the home was a bed frame. It’s from Sun at Six, and it’s one of their low-to-the-ground wood and Japanese style bed frames. I just like being so close to the ground. I feel like it really helps me sleep, and it goes with the black walls. I have a Herman Miller pendant lamp. It feels very zen in my bedroom. When you light a candle while you’re sleeping on the floor, it’s a great atmosphere here.

Mika Hussein

What is your favorite home purchase?

I bought this pendant lamp on Etsy from this vintage seller in Germany, and I actually flipped it sideways to make it a sconce. (Designed) to hang, but I pushed it to the side and installed it. It’s such a sculptural light. As soon as you walk through my door, it’s the first thing people see and everyone has a different interpretation of it, which I really like. Some people say it looks like a brain, others say it looks like a donut. It’s strange. I have these lights that make your head think about different things.

Mika Hussein

What item do you use the most in your home?

Every morning, I have a morning routine in my kitchen. I have a corner sectional (which includes a) Lulu and Georgia bistro table. My kitchen has these black and white tiles, and they are from the 1940s. So, I wanted to keep that Parisian style. I got a beautiful little marble table, and it’s the only corner where I have my morning tea and start my day. It gets beautiful morning light out there, so it’s just a nice little routine that I’ve created.

Mika Hussein

What is the biggest conversation starter in your home?

That will be next to my console table. I got it from Pop Up Home. And then, I have this antique mirror that I got on a trip to Paris. Everything in my apartment is antique. I have a couple of the Lulu and Georgia pieces because they are gorgeous, but everything else is vintage.

Mika Hussein

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