Creative Diwali decoration ideas for home to revamp your festive outlook

Creative Diwali decoration ideas for home to revamp your festive outlook

Diwali Decor Items 2022: The festival of lights is now on its way to bring you happiness. Diwali is one of the most awaited holidays of the year and this is the time when everyone wants to make their home decorations innovative and attractive. But this Diwali if you are confused about choosing the right one Decorative element For your home that will go with this trend, you simply must check out these Diwali 2022 decoration ideas.

Here we have selected some quality and budget-friendly Diwali decor items like candle holder, diyas, lights, IdolsShelf and more with some creative home decorating ideas to freshen up the look of the festival. Simple Diwali decor ideas that will completely change the ambiance of your home to create an attractive and welcoming space. Most of the decor items used here can be found locally or online.

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Diwali Decor Items 2022: Trendy Collection

Below you will find a huge choice of Diwali 2022 decor items for your home with some attractive decor themes.

CraftVatika Wall Hanging Candle Holder

This elegant tealight holder is the best for outdoor d├ęcor during Diwali 2022 and is sure to add a subtle touch of sophistication to any corner of the house.

Price: 364 rupees

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TIED RIBBONS Set of 2 Wall Mounted Tealight Candle Holders

These decorative wall sconces give a cohesive look to any given space, whether it is near the garden, living room, dining area, cafe or restaurant lighting decor.

Price: 399 rupees

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JH Gallery Handmade Artificial Marigold Flowers

This artificial flower decoration item is ideal for indoor and outdoor decorations in bedrooms, drawing rooms, living rooms, restaurants, hotels, commercial buildings, shopping malls, etc.

Price: 615 rupees

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Saumic Craft Set of Five Gautam Buddha Wall Plates

This set of 5 Gautam Buddha Vatu 3D Wall Art is the best piece for your wall decoration. Adding this painting to your wall will completely change the atmosphere of the room this Diwali 2022 with positive vibes.

Price: 499 rupees

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TIED RIBBONS set of mosaic glass tealight holders

Due to the handmade nature of these products, the designs and colors are eye-catching and aesthetics come as standard.

Price: Rs 251

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Diwali decoration lights

Decorative lighting attracts everyone’s attention in the neighborhood. It’s also one of the best ways to get excited at festivals. Below we have listed few of the best quality lamps designed for your Diwali decor.

Dissidia 12 Star 138 LED Curtain String Lights

This curtain light is one button control, press the button and you can choose 8 different modes to meet your various needs that will make your bedroom decor special.

Price: Rs 449

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CITRA 300 LED Mesh String Fairy Light

This mesh net lamp has a very unique design that will add an elegant look to your Diwali decor. This light is ideal for outdoor, bedroom, pooja room and TV space area.

Price: Rs 949

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Empire Electrotech 12 Ohm Swastik Light

Specially designed for Diwali purposes, the lighting sets give you a festive atmosphere with Swastik and om design. This string light is a perfect choice for outdoor and indoor areas, especially for pooja room.

Price: Rs 783

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Diwali decor for pooja room

Pooja room is one of the important parts of our house, everyone wants to keep this place tidy and well decorated. Here we have selected some of the finest and latest decor items for Diwali 2022.

Webelkart Diya Flower Shaped Decorative Urli Bowl

You can place this elegant diya shaped bowl in your pooja area or in the center of your living room. It is a perfect choice for any festival.

Price: 699

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Farshine Clash LED light

Buying these Kalash lamps will be the right decision for Diwali. Because the Kalash is a symbol of abundance, wisdom and immortality.

Price: 299

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Dissidia dia warm white

This Diya style light is a perfect choice for your pooja room. A symbol of enlightenment, prosperity, knowledge and wisdom, this elegant light will bring happiness to your life this Diwali.

Price: 599

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Diwali decoration ideas for home outdoor

The exterior of the house always gets the first attention, everyone first looks at our front area and without decoration, this area will look very strange. To make your unforgettable first impression, here we have listed some stylish outdoor home decor ideas.

NAVYA Creation Colorful Rajasthani Wooden Bells

This is a popular advertising item in Rajasthan, and their bells are symbols of wealth, health, protection and good luck, which increases their power and effectiveness much more. So you should definitely consider these beautiful bells for home decoration.

Price: 253

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Epyz Solar 30 LED Lantern, Outdoor Garden Decorative Flame

It is a soft decorative light for Diwali decor, when you put this light on the ground, it can cast a beautiful pattern.

Price: 950

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Webelkart gold metal iron bird cage

Diwali lights up your home with this beautiful bird cage tealight candle holder, which can decorate your home or office with suitable decoration.

Price: 269

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Decazone Macrame Wall Mounted Shelf

This hanging wooden shelf is the best home decor item, as it can be hung in the bedroom to place photo frames, in the living room to place plants, or hung in the bathroom to place cosmetics and skin care products.

Price: 284

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Discover more stylish Diwali decor items here:

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