Cotentin. Schools, businesses, homes… This great architect designed many buildings!

Cotentin.  Schools, businesses, homes… This great architect designed many buildings!

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Even today, every day, children, parents, students or owners cross the threshold of several buildings known to everyone, without knowing who is hiding behind these buildings. Functional structures That crosses time.

Who remembers Henry Liberton? Architect CherbourgShe graduated from the Government (DPLG), to whom we owe important achievements in the municipality of Cherbourg, in Delegated cities, but also within the Channel Division. Mr. LeBreton was also Teacher In theSchool of Fine Arts From Cherbourg.

In the footsteps of René Levavasseur

Municipal buildings, houses, churches, farmhouses, and interior and exterior fittings. Henry Liberton dominated domestic architecture for several years, succeeding René Levasseur.

Gambetta Street In Cherbourg, under the window, very The sixtiesThere is still a small and very secret plaque today, where we can still read: “Levasseur, Lebreton Architectes”.

Schools engineer

in 1950sto ecodrivel Together with René Levavasseur, Andre Lebreton achieves the remarkable feat Jules Ferry Group of Schools. In Cherbourg, at the beginning of the 1950s, Henri Liberton conceived and carried out a complete rehabilitationModern hotel And duration Place de Cochin And different Shop windows. But his important achievements will be the result of something Public authorities.

Featured city b Full employment Especially through the increase inchildrenCities in the Cherbourg metropolitan area must build schools quickly. Henri LeBreton would be the right man for the job and, above all, the man the team trusts City Hall Cherbourg, whether socialist or Gaullist.

France in the sixties

A man of character, who knows how to manage a site in an uncompromising manner, Henry Liberton is the architect of the following buildings in Cherbourg: La Baule School, Conservatory of Music The Guibert School, the Albert Bate School, the La Fraternité group of schools or evenCustoms HouseAnd many other buildings in the area Ice cream shop.

If you look closely, you’ll find that some of the buildings have great similarities. A mix of stone and concrete with small square and rectangular windows. There is style in Henri Lebreton’s creations, and it is style France From the 1960s and will also participate in the collections of architects who designed Chanterini swimming pool.

Great architect

Other achievements of Henry LeBreton are evident in Siouxville with the group of schools and several farms in Auxès. In the 1950s and 1960s, it was not yet time to build Individual suitesbut goodGroup housing. However, Henry LeBreton would create many commissioned houses Families From Cherbourg.

Henry Liberton was a great architect in Cherbourg, and the list of buildings built we give in this article is not exhaustive given his many achievements. According to our information, it is likely that Mr. LeBreton ended his life at the end of the 1980s in the town of Sutivast, where he owned property.

Nicolas Callaud

To produce this article, research was difficult, given the limited information available and evidence from this period. But it is important to keep the memory of this crucial architect alive in post-war Cherbourg. If you have information about his career, or documents relating to Henri Lebreton, you can contact the association “Cherbourg et son Histoire” via Nicolas Callot at 06 80 96 40 10, or directly to the editorial board of the magazine. La presse de la manche By email ((email protected)).

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